Uluwatu Temple complex

Uluwatu temple complex buildings

Uluwatu Temple complex 

Visiting the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple complex is a must do activity while in Bali if you want to see examples of the stunning architecture and dance of the Hindu temples in Bali.

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At the southern tip of what is called the Bukit, the bulbous part of Bali south of the Denpasar airport, the Uluwatu Temple complex, constructed in the 10th century by a Javanese Hindu guru, is a popular place with tourists, with monkeys, temples on the cliff facing west and various ceremonies during the year.

This is a big complex, with lots of warungs with local food and the usual sarong and souvenir shops. Visitors need to wear a sarong when you enter any Balinese temple complex, which can be brought along, bought here or hired.

There is a nightly Kecak performance which is a re-enactment of the Hindu Ramayana story with the usual lots of drama and action.

Women are requested not to enter temples in Bali if they are menstruating.

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The Uluwatu Temple complex is very spectacular, and occupies a special place in the Balinese psyche.

Uluwatu temple complex clifftop

The Uluwatu Temple complex is certainly worth a visit for first time visitors to Bali as well as for those who like to visit it again and again.

Be wary of the monkeys. There are warnings about not carrying bags or anything else that a mischievous monkey might fancy. Once a monkey has something it is really up to him/her if they want to give it back again.

See also Uluwatu Beach where you may wish to go after leaving here to enjoy the beach and the awesome Uluwatu sunset.

The map reference for google maps is 8°49’37.7908″S, 115°5’4.5722″E

By Mark O’Brien, August 2015

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