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Uluwatu beach

Uluwatu sunset

Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu beach is a famous Bali surf beach and also near the famous Uluwatu temples and where the sunset viewed from Uluwatu restaurants is always stunning.

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Uluwatu beach pool

Uluwatu beach attracts surfies and their entourage from all over the world. With perhaps Bali’s cleanest water and longest surf breaks, Uluwatu beach is a totally different experience than on offer elsewhere in Bali.

I have been down here many times, mostly arriving just before sunset at Uluwatu and am always in awe of the colours of the rocks, the geology and the incredible changing colours of the Uluwatu sunsets.

Something about rocks water and the things that grow around the, always amazes me. This is a great place to take photos, so give yourself some time prior to sunset.

Their are dozens of restaurants and bars cascading down the cliff where some of the cheapest food in Bali along with drinks are available with arguably the best sunset views in Bali.

Uluwatu beach rocks

I often climb down the long pathway to the beach and wander through the rock formations and around the rock pools. I get entranced every time by the colours down here – Uluwatu beach is truly a unique and stunning Bali beach.

Usually, if I am down there on a Sunday evening, I then have dinner at one of the Uluwatu cliff restaurants and then go to Single Fin which has a party on Sunday night, possibly the best party available in Bali, certainly the most relaxed.

Uluwatu beach space

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Single Fin has many levels and offers a wide range of scenes. See the review of Single Fin on this website.

See the Facebook page Bali Fun Day Tours if you want to be driven down to Uluwatu beach and then home again and have a little tour as well. Make a day of it with a group of friends, maximum 7 people.

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By Mark O’Brien, August 2015

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