Kintamani temples in Bali

Pura Tuluk Biyu Batur temple entrance

Kintamani temples in Bali

The Kintamani temples in Bali in the sacred Kitamani area in the north of eastern Bali are beautiful examples of Balinese temples, above Lake Batur and overlooking Mount Batur.

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In the high country of Bali, Kintamani is a powerful centre of Bali culture. These temples, Pura Tuluk Biyu Batur and Pura Ulundanu Batur, are next to each other though require separate tickets to enter, around 30k each.

Pura Ulundanu Batur temple view to Lake batur 1

Mount and Lake Batur in the distance

These temples are grand, perched on the cliff with Lake Batur way down below.

As is usual when visiting Bali temples one must wear a sarong, which you can either buy and rent at exhorbitant prices of bring your own.

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Pura Ulundanu Batur temple alley

The gang (lane) between the temples

Menstruating women are requested to not enter the temple grounds, one of the more common religious sexism of Balinese Hinduism and the strict religious control still exerted by the male priests.

Both of these temple complexes were constructed in approximately 900AD, so have been around a long time. They are being repaired and added to over time as well.

Kintamani is about 2 hours drive north of the Denpasar tourist area and it well worth a visit. There are hundreds of restaurants lining the cliff overlooking Lake Batur where you can eat good clean food and enjoy one of Bali’s most stunning views.

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By Mark O’Brien, September 2015

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