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Banjar Hot Springs

Bali hot springs Banjar AIr Panas 2

Banjar Hot Springs

Banjar Hot Springs, known locally and on maps as Banjar Air Panas, in the north of Bali, is a gorgeous day’s outing where you can bathe in tranquil warm springs in lovely surrounds.

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I first went here in 2011, and on my return in August 2015 I found that little had changed.

There are three pools here, with one having spigots spouting strong water flows to give you a good water massage. Another one has more gentle water flows to feel caressed by, while the third is simply a large pool to wade of swim in.

There is also a spa here where you can have a nice massage after your soak.

There is a nice restaurant here also called Komala Tirta. Check out the review here.

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So many colours, designs and sizes of Ikat here

When you arrive you have to run the gauntlet of many shop keepers trying to sell you their wares. Each time I have been here I have bought lots of Bali Ikat blankets – the prices here, once you haggle a bit, are way lower than in Denpasar and also the designs and colours much nicer.

Bear in mind that you will pay way more for the first blanket than succeeding ones – I bought 7 of them from 5 different stores, so everyone knows I already know the price – they tell each other how much they got away with charging! The price I was being offered when I had bought all I wanted was 1/3 of initial price!

Some thing have changed since I was there last time – smoking is now allowed near the pool which to me is a bit of a negative, and there are way more Indonesians there, so it is more roudy with bigger groups and so less meditative.

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The bottom of the pool is more slimey than I remember too – possibly it never gets closed for proper cleaning anymore, or the numbers of oily bodies has overwhelmed the system.

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As it takes about 3-4 hours to drive here from the Denpasar area, traffic permitting and depending on if you want to stop at the Bedugal temples complex on the way or have a long lunch, an early start is advised.

It is a lovely outing for a day as the road up to Banjar Air Panas in Bali goes through mountain roads. You can return a different way where you will see beautiful vistas of mountains and rice fields.

Allow 10 hours from and back to your accommodation in the south – it is a long day. Accommodation in nearby Lovina is easy to find for all budgets and is an option.

Speak with your driver if you wish to leave this option open beforehand, and consider making this a two day day tour – you will need to pay for your driver’s accommodation if you wish to do this, usually 200-250k/night.

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By Mark O’Brien, September 2015

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