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Bali Pullina agro tourism Lewak coffee centre

Bali Pullina agro tourism kopi lewak row of drinks

Sampler drinks including teas and coffee lewak.

Bali Pullina agro tourism Lewak coffee centre

The Ubud experience in Bali encompasses a broad range of activities including a visit to Bali Pullina agro tourism Lewak coffee centre in Tegallalang about 15 minutes from the heart of Ubud.

There are many fun things to do in Bali and not all of them revolve around shopping! This is one of them!

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Agro tourism is a new industry in Bali, centred around lewak (meaning ‘passed’) coffee. There are many such centres in Bali and they are probably much the same.

Lewak coffee is one of the more bizarre things you might come across in Indonesia. This is coffee that has been fed to small animals called civits (pronounced ‘sivits’) that look like a cross between a possum and a ferret.

The coffee beans are digested to a certain point, then collected from their droppings, washed, dried and roasted, and then sold as gourmet coffee at prices that amaze.

The Bali Pullina agro tourism Lewak coffee centre is quite a popular tourist destination. Each time I have been to visit with newcomers there seems to be quite a good crowd tasting the coffee and all the various drinks they sell there.

The entrance pathway takes you past the civit cages down through the area where the ‘passed’ coffee is washed and dried, and then roasted.

Then you come to a café with awesome views down to a valley. Here you get supplied a whole row of sample drinks including ginger coffee, lewak coffee, hot chocolate and an assortment of teas, all complimentary. See the main photo.

There is quite a garden with clove trees, avocadoes, plus lot of coffee plants cascading down the hill

You then walk up the pathway that takes you through the shop where you can buy all kinds of teas and coffees. The lewak coffee is around $50 for 250gram bags.

Don’t buy lewak coffee with milk – they have simply added milk powder to the coffee and charge you the same, so in effect you are paying $200/kg for milk powder!!

The selection of teas is very nice.

See the bottom of this page for more photos of Bali Pullina agro tourism Lewak coffee centre.

I am not so much a coffee buff, and so cannot really tell or appreciate the difference between lewak and normal coffee, but some people really like it.

My friend told me about an Australian café owner who imports Lewak coffee and sells cups of it for $50 each. Each to his own I guess.

If you are in Ubud then, with the market on your right, go up the big statue and turn left. Keep going past all the shops for about 15 minutes, maybe even 20 if you are in a car, until on your right the vista opens up to some great Bali rice terrace views.

Keep going another two or three minutes and you will see a carpark on the left with a sign saying ‘Bali Pullina agro tourism’.

Definitely worth a look, and you probably need about an hour to enjoy it.

By Mark O’Brien January 2014

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Frank January 23, 2015 at 5:36 am

Wow that was an adventure! Beautiful place, and the whole concept is out there. Yes we bought some coffee too!

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