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Angry During Sex


Angry During Sex

An American woman started going to a psychiatrist because her sex life was having problems. The psychiatrist asked her lots of questions but was unable to get a clear picture of what was going on.

Finally after 5 sessions he was desperate and asked her, “Have you ever watch your husband’s face while you were having sex?”


“Well, yes, I did that once, last month.”

“Well, what did he look like? Was he happy?”

“No, he was very angry.”

Finally the psychiatrist thought he was getting to the point, so he said, “OK, that is good to know, very interesting. OK, so tell me; it is unusual that your husband would look angry during sex.

You say that you have only seen your husband’s face once during sex and he was angry – that is a bit unusual in itself. What happened that you saw his face during sex that time?”

“Well, I looked up and saw him looking through the window at us.”

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