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  • Kerobokan, Bali | Map
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Kerobokan restaurant Warung Sobat 2

warung sobat tables

Kerobokan restaurant Warung Sobat 2

Kerobokan restaurant Warung Sobat 2 is one of south east Bali’s worst kept secrets. Listed on French and Italian travel sites as being good AND cheap it is generally 80% full most of the night, most nights of the year, as well as being pretty busy during the day as well.

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I have eaten here maybe 200 times over the years I have lived in the area, partly because it is good and partly because it is by far the closest restaurant to my house that serves food I like and trust.

Kerobokan restaurant Warung Sobat 2 is also a model of how to run a really good restaurant in Bali, particularly for local restaurant owners who didn’t pay huge money for the land.

Good food at a good price in a nice easy environment. Simple really, but hey, it really works.

So many times I have been here where the 100 plus seats are all taken, sometimes on a Sunday night with two sittings and a long queue of waiting people. There are very few other restaurants in Bali that can claim this kind of regular patronage, all year round.

A great business that is well run.

Great food (an Italian friend, a long time Bali resident with typical Italian fussiness about food, says they make the best spaghetti marinara in Bali!) at very low prices (45k for much of the menu), very sweet and friendly staff, it is one of the author’s favourite eating spots.

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(In 2013 the prices went up by around 10-15k per main meal, so it is not SO cheap anymore, but still great value. It is still packed.)

Good fresh fish/chicken/beef dishes that leave you very happy and content.

A favourite of expats who love its simplicity, cleanliness, and value for money that is often missing elsewhere.

Unusually for a warung (a traditional name for a local eating place) Kerobokan restaurant Warung Sobat 2 has a large and (Western) clean kitchen which is very encouraging.

Warung Sobat 2’s name arises from the fact that there is a Warung Sobat 1 in Batu Belig, on the way to Canggu.

Warung Sobat 2 may not be fancy, but the food and service is great value and it has a trade the envy of thousands of other restaurants so it must be on anyone’s top 100 Bali restaurants and warungs.

They also do a very good home delivery service which I have availed myself of many nights. These days I wash and return the plastic and polystyrene dishes to reuse which they are happy about.

By Mark O’Brien 2013, updated March 2015

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  • Food Quality (3.8)
  • Food Quantity (4.4)
  • Ambience (3.8)
  • Environment (3.2)
  • Service (3.8)
  • Value (4.2)



Total Review: 5

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fentry October 4, 2013 at 3:24 pm

It's a fairly local restaurant. I have been dinner here three times and also because it was the best of the local eateries. cheap local food, Awesome taste of food all delicious ,the service also nice..really recommend it.

admin April 1, 2014 at 2:00 pm

One of my regular eating places, largely because it is the best restaurant near my house, and the home deliveries usually arrive warm!!

Peter Barry May 25, 2014 at 1:54 pm

My Indonesian wife and I regularly eat, at least once a week, at Warung Sobat 2. We also frequented Warung Sobat 1 on Batu Belig. Having tried many restaurants in the Kerobokan and Canggu areas we found them both to be good value restaurants with excellent food which both Indonesians and foreigners can enjoy.

Gert Versendaal September 3, 2014 at 12:06 pm

Restaurant you always will come back to

Gen O'Brien April 21, 2015 at 7:52 pm

I have eaten here probably 15 times, on my visits to Bali. It's a nice clean atmosphere for an evening meal, without having to go to busy areas.To me the food is reliable, certainly plenty of it. Their meals are large--am thinking of their fish satays..probably 3 big satays with fish & vegs. I know their Seafood Tahu soup has helped a couple of flu-like symptons, full of garlic. I can usually get away with about a 30,000Rps meal. They always supply peanuts when arriving, & they serve a a free dessert after eating mains, which is a nice surprise. It's little things that make this place so popular with the expats that frequent it...