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  • Family Friendly, Wifi
  • Restaurant, Warung
  • Seminyak, Kerobokan, Bidadari, Bali | Map
  • General Asian, Indonesian, Japanese, Organic, Vietnamese
  • Mellow, Ambient
  • Dinner, Lunch
  • Mid Range

Kerobokan restaurant Warung Rakuen

Rakuen Asia resto

Kerobokan restaurant Warung Rakuen

Bali Kerobokan restaurant Warung Rakuen is on Jalan Merthinadi (the road that goes from Jalan Sunset to the jail) about 50 metres from Sunset, and is a Japanese Vietnamese Indonesian fusion restaurant warung.

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Good food, fairly cheap, though the portions aren’t so big so it ends up not being as cheap as it appears. Kerobokan restaurant Warung Rakuen is a funky little place, open for lunch a dinner, and nice to see some Vietnamese cuisine in Bali.

The staff had, at the time of my visit, as yet not been very well trained, and it looked like there was no boss or owner there, which always means staff go to sleep a bit.

By the time I had eaten a fair dinner, it cost me 120,000 including a juice which is quite expensive for what else is available. I can eat really well for that money elsewhere

On another occasion I went there with my sister and it cost 150 for two, but I did leave a little hungry still.

It seems like this is part of quite a large chain, a fact you’d never guess from its rustic nature. See

Kerobokan restaurant Warung Rakuen is not in anyones top 100 Bali restaurants and warungs, but if you like trying something new, then this is worth a visit. After all there are very few Bali Vietnamese restaurants.

Not very reliable with opening times. When I went at 2pm to take these pics, it was closed, even though it says open until 3. Mmm Bali time!!

By Mark O’Brien, 2013

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Stephen August 25, 2013 at 2:04 pm

Yeah, nothing special. The pace is really nice, cool and quiet, but nothing else to recommend.