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Umalas Chinese takeaway Won Kys

Umalas Chinese Takeaway Won Kys street

Umalas Chinese takeaway Won Kys

Umalas Chinese takeaway Won Kys in Umalas does a fairly typical Chinese takeaway plus home delivery in a large area of southern Bali including Seminyak, Umalas, Kerobokan, Canggu and Petitenget.

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Umalas Chinese takeaway Won Kys in Umalas is just down the road from Bali Buda Health food store and between Kunti III Japanese restaurant and Umalas gastro pub the Plumbers Arms.

They have a selection of chow mein dishes, curries, pork, chicken, prawn, duck beef and vegetarian dishes, with most dishes around the 50-560k mark. It looks like a fairly good Bali Chinese takeaway.

Drinks are cheap, with home delivered Bintangs at 17k hard to go past and almost reason enough to order in!

Won Kys also have set menus for 2 to 4 people which look interesting and perfect if you have some friends over.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for photos of Umalas Chinese takeaway Won Kys’ menu.

Won Kys’ menu is available to order from at the Plumbers Arms also, so if you have a group with wildly carrying appetites and tastes you can find a middle ground.

I asked the woman behind the counter about MSG but from her vague response I think she had no idea.

Umalas Chinese takeaway Won Kys gives a good option for home delivery for those nights when you don’t want to starve or go out to eat.

Given how hard it often is to explain where one lives in that area (locals and bules have such different ways of describing areas, plus the lack of street signs or gang names) I suggest you draw up a map for them and take it down prior to getting home delivery.

Give them a call on 0361 8717132

By Mark O’Brien November 2014

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Mary February 11, 2015 at 1:04 pm

I live close by and have ordered in a few times. Nothing great, but still good food. Cheap too