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Ubud restaurant Locavore

Salad too pretty to eat!!

Salad too pretty to eat!!

Ubud restaurant Locavore 

Ubud restaurant Locavore must serve some of Bali’s most astonishing food, certainly the most extraordinary presentation and combinations of flavours I have experienced in Bali.

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The name of Ubud restaurant Locavore comes from the new ‘local’ food movement, entitled the ‘locavore’ movement, whereby ingredients are sourced whenever possible from local suppliers, thus promoting and supporting local food growers.

Head chef Eelke took my friend and I on a culinary journey of a most exquisite kind, serving us samplers of everything on the lunch menu.

With each new dish he would bring out he’d give a description of the ingredients (this one organic, this one from here, this one cooked like this but first with …, you get the picture!) that together with the sheer beauty of the food presentation has us both drooling and feeling astounded by how gorgeous it all was.

Where to start?

The organic radish and cucumber for dipping into the first of our taste delights.

The salad full of edible flowers that was like a Monet painting on a plate that we were reluctant to spoil by eating. There were nasturtium leaves and flowers and lots of others. See the main photo.

But we did anyway and it was delicious.

We were given tastes of all the dishes on the menu. The flavours were delicate and surprising – the chefs obviously have a wonderful time creating combinations of flavours, colours and textures.

The gnocchi, the barramundi, the king prawns, the chicken and what was probably the piece de resistance, the rabbit cooked three ways (see the main photo) on the same plate.

It is impossible to describe really how sumptuous and delicious this meal was.

Just when we thought it could not get better another couple of dishes would arrive along with a mouth-watering description from Eelke.

See the bottom of this page for many more photos of Ubud restaurant Locavore and the dishes they served us.

The coffee dessert with white chocolate mousse was outrageous, as was the chocolate and passionfruit.

Check the menus below for the list of ingredients and how they are prepared plus see the photos of each of the dishes to see the beauty of the presentation.

Unusually Ubud restaurant Locavore has separate lunch and dinner menus, so I will have to go again to experience the dinner one!!

This food is not for rushing, best enjoyed with no time frame.

Ubud restaurant Locavore is usually booked out at night so bookings essential, best 2 or even three days before, especially on weekends.

They only have one sitting each night and have a capacity of 32 so it is quite an intimate setting.

Situated in the middle of Jalan Dewi Sita, the road at the top of the soccer field in Ubud central in Bali, Ubud restaurant Locavore is a modern, open plan restaurant comfortably furnished.

Service is great, and the acoustics are good so you can converse easily.

Eelke spoke a bit about the local, ‘locavore’ aspect of this restaurant. This has meant that local growers are encouraged to grow different types of vegetables, and are becoming more willing to try things out.

There are many aspects to local food, one of which is that food is fresher if supplied locally, and does not have so many ‘food miles’ and so it is more sustainable.

There is a health aspect also. In many Indigenous cultures they believe, and modern biology agrees, that after eating local food, and drinking local water, for 90 days, your body is pretty much made of local ingredients already. So we become climatically suited to our local environment!

So it is inherently healthier to eat food grown in the same environment which also means eating seasonally which the basis of an optimal diet.

I had a great lunch and will come again, just for fun this time!!

In June 2015, Locavore in Bali was listed in the world’s top 50 restaurants for sustainability and using locally sourced ingredients. See the listing here.

For reservations, email or call (0361) 977 733

By Mark O’Brien, March 2014

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Anya Anetta March 12, 2014 at 8:02 pm

Unique culinary experience in the middle of Ubud. Food and art combined, tasteful and beautifully presented. Desserts to die for.:) Excellent service and relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely be back.

admin March 13, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Brilliant, loved our meal there.