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Senggigi restaurant Matahari Cafe

Senggig restaurant Matahari Cafe tables

Senggigi restaurant Matahari Cafe

Senggigi restaurant Matahari Cafe is in the main restaurant strip in Senggigi and looks to be a good place to eat although lacking in ventilation so days are a bit stuffy.

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A funky little place, all decked out in reggae colours, Senggigi restaurant Matahari Café has an interesting menu with lots of different options.

The menu is quite eclectic, with Mexican (like tacos and fajitas) and Thai food, along with the usual Indonesian standards, plus they also a basic selection of pizzas, along with steaks, and BBQ fish and beef.

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Senggigi restaurant Matahari Café is probably not the place to go for lunch as I imagine it would be too stuff, but at night, with some nice reggae tunes playing, it is probably a nice place to hang out prior to going out for more action or just a quiet night.

Lombok café Matahari Café is not in anyone’s list of best restaurants in Senggigi, but does a standard fare that is acceptable when you are only paying 40-50k for a meal.

The wifi here is OK, so if you want to hide away a bit and do some work then this might be a good spot in the daytime too.

By Mark O’Brien, March 2015

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