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Senggigi restaurant and guesthouse The Wira

Senggigi restaurant and guesthouse The Wira street


Senggigi restaurant and guesthouse The Wira

Senggigi restaurant and guesthouse The Wira should really be called the Weary as this is a tired crappy place in Lombok that is pretty substandard in food quality and their accommodation.

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I stayed at the Wira recently and was left disappointed with some aspects of the rooms and disgusted with the food and service.

On the main road in Senggigi, The Wira seems to be one of the more busy Senggigi restaurants and so I decided to see about a room for the night. The price was right including breakfast so we moved in.

Sitting in the restaurant, which actually looks nice and also quite busy, the staff were completely inattentive and uninterested in cleaning up the pile of dirt next to our table. Not a great look, so we just had our coffee and went elsewhere to eat.

Going to the room, which was quite nice, clean and spacious, I was tired and turned on the TV.

Unfortunately every TV station was in Indonesian, which begs the question; If all of your guests are foreigners and few have much understanding of Indonesian, why would you have TV nobody can watch? Why have a TV in the rooms?

Cable TV is cheap, around 1ooo IDR per room per night. Tacky and cheap to not have it installed.

The hot water was non existent and the water pressure was really low too.

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No smoking was allowed in the rooms but there were no ashtrays or tables to sit at outside.

I had to get up to do some business quite early so arrived in the restaurant at 7.30 to find it closed, even though some staff were hanging around behind the counter.

They were OK with giving me an orange juice, and I was a bit horrified to see them pour some cordial in a glass, add some water and ice and serve it to me, with a price of 30k!

Meanwhile the pile of dirt on the floor was still there. Hello!? Anybody there to do anything other than collect money?

I then decided to abandon the breakfast I had paid for and went elsewhere which was not so easy, and soured my mood.

They serve burgers, sandwiches, standard Indonesian dishes including a good looking range of vegetarian dishes plus some pasta and steaks. I don’t really know much about the food here, only if it is of similar standard to the rest of the place it may not be good.

Senggigi restaurant and guesthouse The Wira should have closed down ages ago – it is tired and the management has lost their way.

A cheap but poor Lombok restaurant and Lombok guesthouse.

By Mark O’Brien, March 2015

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paul May 11, 2015 at 2:04 pm

Not great, frustrating, weird set up, food barely passable, sloppy