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Senggigi bar Marios Baru

Senggigi bar Marios Baru bar

Senggigi bar Marios Baru

Senggigi bar Marios Baru is a smallish bar in the main restaurant and bar strip in Senggigi and seems to attract a crowd at nights.

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The menu here consists of sausages, chicken, some basic curries, grilled fish and more of that kind of Western food. Nothing special but substantial tucker!

When I went in one night there was quite a good crowd, and even a crowd playing pool on what is possibly the worst pool table I have even seen

The torn felt had been repaired with electrical tape, and the cushions were worn, and the cues were on the crappy side.

I charitably guessed that pool table repair people in Lombok are a bit hard to find as one does not see many pool tables in Senggigi, possibly because Indonesian men love to gamble and especially over pool, and this is frowned upon by the more religious Muslims.

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(Personally I am not a fan of gambling either, and find the whole concept trashy, especially as Indonesian men, in fact Asian men in general, are renowned for gambling away all of their money.)

The bar here at this Senggigi bar was quite convivial though I did not stop for a drink. Not really my scene actually, as it is mostly the kind of Aussie expats in Lombok I tend not to vibe with.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2015

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