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  • Air conditioned, Wifi
  • Bar, Parking, Pool Table, Tapas bar, Upmarket Bar, Whiskey bar
  • Seminyak, Bali | Map
  • Tapas
  • Cruisey Beats, Electronic Chill, Jazz, Live Music
  • Dinner, Late Night
  • Exclusive, Upmarket

Seminyak Whisky bar Single Malt

Seminyak whisky bar Single Malt terrace couches
Seminyak Whisky bar Single Malt

Seminyak Whisky bar Single Malt in the Oberoi area of Seminyak has a lovely piano bar, a good quality pool table on the outdoor patio, and super nice whiskys.

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Single Malt Whisky Bar is upstairs from Meja’s Kitchen opposite Soho and Rumours in the Oberoi area of Seminyak and is a really nice, subdued and discrete bar with a large range of single malt whiskys available.

Inside the airconditioned bar, the leather couches and very low lighting gives Single Malt a very private feeling, while outside on the terrace there are lots of couches and comfy chairs if being under the stars above the noise of the street below is your desire.

The music the night I was there was very nice deep house which I really liked. Other nights there is a pianist playing in the corner, some smokey tunes no doubt. Often at night there is either live music below at Meja’s Kitchen or across the road at Soho that is quite loud so Single Malt don’t have live music at that time.

Single Malt Whisky bar have a great menu of the various whiskys, some 75 different ones I was told by our hostess Jelena, with a description of where it comes from and what kind of flavours each is imbibed with.

I have only started drinking whisky over the last year or two so my experience of single malt whisky is a bit limited but I have always liked the taste and the effect!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for more photos of Seminyak Whisky bar Single Malt and their whisky and tapas menus.

As a relative single malt virgin I was amazed how many countries produce it now. Even India, where 25 years ago it was nigh on impossible to get quality alcohol, now produces a range of single malts.

And yes, it was explained to me what single malt means, but the consumption of some single malts did, shall we say, loosen my recollection! Please see Single Malt Whisky in Bali by Jelena on this website. See what she says about Itssssss!

We were given three sample glasses and then spent an hour or so sipping and sipping again. I had one more after that which was really the icing on the cake.

Seminyak Whisky bar Single Malt serves a delicious range of tapas to keep one grounded a bit while the single malts weave their magic.

There are also a range of single malt cocktails which are very attracting! Drinking single malt whisky is not something for the financially challenged, but also not as expensive as one would think, though some whiskys are around 4-500k and upwards for a shot while many are also less.

You can buy a bottle which they will keep for you for your next visit if you are ready to commit to one flavour.

Seminyak Whisky bar Single Malt have affordable tastings on a Wednesday night if you have an interest in exploring this world.

There is lots of parking available next door which helps make this a lovely Bali whisky bar.

In February 2015 Single Malt Bali installed a larger size pool table on their patio. Since then it has become a quality place to play pool, with never the long queues that one has to deal with at other popular pool places in Seminyak.

See Playing Pool in Bali, and Where to play pool in Bali on this website.

They have a pool competition here each Thursday night, with usually prize money of around 700k, and the winner of each stage gets a free single malt!

By Mark O’Brien December 2014 updated June 2015

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Mark February 7, 2015 at 6:34 pm

I really like this place. Refined and elegant, and the new pool table provides a good focus