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Seminyak nightclub Koh

Seminyak nightclub Koh crowd

Seminyak nightclub Koh    

Seminyak nightclub Koh opened in July 2015 and is a funky, small, industrial, underground Bali nightclub opposite the Bali gay and ladyboy bars in Seminyak.

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The entrance is not so obvious, opposite the Dhyanapura gay and ladyboy scene, maybe one of those things left undone in the rush to open.

Seminyak nightclub Koh has a similar feel to the now closed JPs/Maria Magdalena’s, with a similar underground vibe, where the DJs are good and people actually dance! Acoustics are pretty good, so you can still talk OK.

The crowd here is mainly Western who are happy to have somewhere to go outside of the usual hype of the other nightclubs in Bali.

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I liked the space, although it is small, with an upstairs area that hopefully will open soon.

The night I was there was opening night and they ran out of beer, so everyone had to have spirits, which at 105k was not cheap though still OK. Not a lot in the drinks, which is probably a good idea!

There is a small outdoor area to hang out in which again was not finished.

There are a few teething issues, like the beer, the need for way more ventilation and air conditioning, and the outdoor chillout area which I imagine will get sorted out quickly now they know people will come.

Seminyak nightclub Koh is a bit of a work in progress and I think it will be a successful Bali nightclub in Seminyak among a more Western crowd

Open until late (I think around 3-4am) Thursday to Saturday, Koh nightclub in Seminyak offers something different which will be popular.

By Mark O’Brien, July 2015

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