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Seminyak Nasi Campur restaurant KZU

Seminyak Nasi Campur restaurant KZU lunch

Seminyak nasi campur restaurant KZU

Seminyak nasi campur restaurant KZU closed in April 2017 and was a great little warung restaurant on Jalan Drupadi in Bali. Possibly the best quality food for this type of establishment in Bali, they served a kind of upmarket nasi campur catering to Western tastes.

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First opened in May 2013 or thereabouts, KZU is now open until 9pm, so dinner is now available.

With a Japanese chef, cooking many delights, plus the nasi campur standards, this is a great food stop. There are really delicious pork stews, fish and chicken dishes plus a wide array of simple Western type salads, a bit rare in Bali.

Salads like grated carrot and beetroot, coleslaw, that kind of thing, simple things that somehow only good cooks know how to make.

Actually choosing what to have for lunch can be challenging, as you want it all!!

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Very healthy really. Oh, and they also have a capuccino machine, and prices of coffee are also good.

From the outside Seminyak nasi campur restaurant KZU has an industrial design, with large rusting steal on the facade.

This ought to make KZU hot, but it is surprisingly cool, and the rear section, tastefully done with wooden furniture and local batiks, is light and breezy even on the hottest of days.

Seminyak nasi campur restaurant KZU is a place where you can eat really well for 50-60k plus drinks, and it seems this is the regular lunch venue for many people as it is usually pumping at lunchtimes. And dinner is also really good, really good clean food and very nice vibe.

KZU is a great Seminyak budget restaurant catering to more sophisticated tastes and food requirements. Quiet spacious with three separate dining areas, my preference being the back downstairs.

Congratulations to the management for making such a nice place with such good food. Nice scene, clientele is more sophisticated and discerning than the usual clientele for nasi campur.

In 2014 KZU on Sunset opened, serving pretty much the same food but also doing grilled fish in the evenings.

By Mark O’Brien, July 2103

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Sam Wilson October 26, 2013 at 9:50 am

Simply the best !!

admin April 25, 2014 at 7:25 pm

Great place for lunch, lots of delights, nice and airy too, even on hot days

Roland Wiertalla December 22, 2014 at 6:22 pm

I know this place since opening. Was one of their first customers. I came back today after 6 month break (europe). Big surprise! No more what i used to see and find: unfriendly stuff serving poor food... I dont think i will come back ever