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Seminyak bistro Spicery

Seminyak Square bistro Spicery

I was lucky enough recently to enjoy a special Chef’s Table party at Seminyak Square bistro Spicery that was full of delicious foods, lovely matched wines and great stories from Chef Dean.

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Situated in the middle of Seminyak Square in Seminyak, with many tables and a stage for musicians outside and a fair size restaurant and a deli in air-conditioned comfort, no smoking inside, Seminyak bistro Spicery is an excellent place for foodies to enjoy classy dining in Seminyak.

The night began with a Sangria which was delicious, and with drink in hand we went upstairs to the gelataria and we were treated to an explanation of the difference between gelati and ice-cream and a nice glass of sparkling wine! Quite informative actually, enjoyable.

Chef Dean Fisher is something of a storyteller and clearly loves Bali restaurant life and talking about food and how it is made etc.

Then it was back to the restaurant and after being seated at the counter in the back we were given a bit of history about the various spices that Indonesia has been famous for over the last 500 years!

The stories of the skulduggery of the Dutch and English in particular was pretty interesting along with the origins of the word pissed and a few other titbits that Dean was happy to share with us along with some amusing embellishments.

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There were five delicious sounding and even better tasting courses on the menu Dean cooked up various sauces for the next course in front of us with full explanations of everything.

Prawn and pork spring rolls were paired with a Pinot Noir Chardonnay, while the mixed satay came with a white Chardonnay which was also delicious.

Next came a delicious and crunchy pork belly dish served with a flavoursome Cabernet Sauvignon, and then the lamb rendang served with a shiraz. It was all yum!

For dessert there was an exotic chia chia seed pudding with gelato served with the really delicious Pino De Bali.

The wines were all from Two Island Reserve range, local winemaker Two Island’s high-end versions, and were all delicious.

The food and wines went perfectly together, and we were all left, after almost three and a half hours of eating and drinking, listening and laughing, we were all very content with our evening.

If you would like to book your spot(s) for the next Chef’s Table call +62 361 732512, or email

Otherwise you can simply drop by of an evening and give your tastebuds a treat!

Recommended, especially for a group of up to 12!

By Mark O’Brien, May 2018

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admin May 7, 2018 at 9:08 pm

The Chef Table experience was a thoroughly enjoyable one and one that I recommend, Great food, excellent (for Bali) wines, and Spicery is certainly worth a visit for the Chef Table or for normal dinner.