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  • Family Friendly, Wifi
  • Restaurant
  • Sanur, Bali | Map
  • Balinese, Barb-e-que, Burgers, Crabs, Grilled, Indonesian, Pasta, Pizza, Seafood
  • Balinese, Cruisey Beats
  • Dinner, Lunch
  • Mid Range, Upmarket

Sanur restaurant Casa Luna

Sanur restaurant Casa Luna tables

Sanur restaurant Casa Luna

Sanur restaurant Casa Luna is an international restaurant in Sanur, Bali, serving Balinese dishes along with pizza and grilled seafood.

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Sanur international restaurant is a large Bali restaurant with a broad menu. There is a large inside area along with lots of tables in the courtyard for dining under the stars.

There are lots of pizzas on the menu, including the iconic volcano pizza (cooked with a ‘roof’ over the pizza that expands when cooked and it burnt at the table – quite something the first time you see this), pastas and burgers.

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European dishes, crabs, lobster and steak dishes are also available.

The Balinese menu includes a suckling pig (need to order the day before), mixed grills and lots of grilled seafood dishes.

Bali restaurant Casa Luna in Sanur is a good quality restaurant that appears to serve good food. It is not cheap, and I did not eat here, but it seems like a good value restaurant. It looks like it has been here for years, so it has survived!

There are no prices on the menu which I guess is a concession to market prices.

Casa Luna in Sanur is not related to Ubud restaurant Casa Luna.

By Mark O’Brien, August 2015

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