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  • Age over 30, Bar, Good singles bar, Night Club, Parking, Upmarket Bar, Whiskey bar
  • Seminyak, Bali | Map
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Seminyak bar Red Carpet Champagne Bar and Nightclub

Red carpet inside

Seminyak bar Red Carpet Champagne Bar and Nightclub

In Jalan Oberoi in Seminyak, BaliSeminyak bar Red Carpet Champagne Bar has to be the best upmarket Bali bars for the older scene, meaning 35 and above, especially with their new nightclub upstairs in 2017.

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With lots of red in the decor, (yes there is a red carpet in the entrance) the Seminyak bar Red Carpet Champagne Bar is quite a sophisticated watering hole for those whose taste runs to good champagne and wine with fairly deep pockets.

Opened in 2017, the Red Carpet nightclub is situated upstairs and is open until 4am or even 6 if there are enough customers, and is a very nice late night bar to hang out in. Mostly an ‘after bar’ for customers wanting to kick on, this club is surprisingly spacious, and with booths with curtains that can be closed for discrete encounters. The music volume is keep low enough so talking is easy, and they have a dedicated dancefloor which I really liked. They have a nice selection of organic, locally brewed Stark beers at 85k.

Price often defines the crowd, which I guess is Seminyak bar Red Carpet Champagne Bar’s appeal for many of its clientele, being a little older, much deeper pockets and more sophisticated than is usual in Bali bars.

Red Carpet Champagne Bar is a busy place, with memory lane music videos on the various TVs scattered around. Since I first went here in 2012 it had tripled in size and has a consistent crowd.

Keeping a clear dress and behaviour standard is important for Red Carpet. They demand respect for all the staff who are at your beck and call. There is a dress code with no beer branded clothing allowed, nor singlets in the evenings.

The staff wander around with cold cloths for patrons to refresh themselves with, plus canapes – sweet, spicey, sushi, smoked salmon buns etc – are circulated free of charge every 2o minutes or so along with free water refills all night. Very nice touch.

Every drink you order comes with its own ice bucket, so when I had a bottle of beer it came inside a large glass of ice. A nice touch, as your drink stays cold!! See the photo below.

See below for more photos of Red Carpet Champagne Bar in Bali including its super cool Vespa with a cool Moet sidecar – this is available for night time cruises!!

Drinks are similar in price to the other upmarket Bali bars and Bali nightclubs which means 75-80k for a beer and 200 for a glass of wine with prices rising from there. What Seminyak bar Red Carpet Champagne Bar does best though is that is an easy place to talk and mingle.

Meeting people here is easy, maybe the easiest place in the Seminyak area.

And for the 35+, more sophisticated and cashed up crowd, this in my opinion is the best bar in Bali.

Ethically run – they provide health insurance for their staff, a first in my experience – Seminyak bar Red Carpet Champagne Bar has some business models that other bars and clubs may wish to emulate.

The staff are happy and well paid, and there is a family sense here, nice vibe. I ate here for the first time on a recent visit, and had a really nice steak, local beef, cooked to perfection.

The oysters are apparently very popular, as are the burgers, nachos stack, meatballs, quesadillas, pate, sandwiches, pork ribs, tapas, wings, seafood, ham and cheese platters along with some delectable salads.

Red Carpet Champagne Bar is clearly a bar, not a restaurant, but what food they provide is of pretty good quality.

Seminyak bar Red Carpet Champagne Bar are justifiably very proud of their bar, and has the largest selection of champagnes in South East Asia.

There is also a collection for single malt whiskies too, so something for everyone.

Seminyak bar and nightclub Red Carpet Champagne Bar and nightclub is in the top Bali bars.

Great for the over 35s scene, not so great for the Bali Bintang t-short wearing set!!

Valet parking for cars and motorbikes is available.

Written by Mark O’Brien, 2013, and updated September 2017.

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admin February 14, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Been going to Red Carpet a bit lately, and have been enjoying the vibe, getting to know a few people always helps. Bit on the expensive side though what is provided is really quality service and ambience.

freddie staman March 24, 2014 at 3:35 pm

This bar is consistently of high quality, with eye of detail. For the ones who like something different than house music, the music there is from 70s till 80s and chill, later in the evening more upbeat. I just love it

Jean la londre March 24, 2014 at 4:21 pm

The best bar on Bali!

Kalinka de Montille December 24, 2016 at 12:17 am

Everything what's written is still valid in 2016 (23/Dec), which talks about amazing consistence in quality and service! Walked in by chance, stayed in for few hours! On a drink so de - Had Pinot Noir which came chilled, so yes, they know what they are doing. Yes, they have special prices on Champagne and is worth it. Service- of course is great! Loved it! Will come again before leave

Caroline September 23, 2018 at 6:11 pm

Love this place....can't wait to get back and hang at the night club...

Niek October 13, 2018 at 4:14 pm

Classy place, great music and ambience! Staff is very attentive and friendly. Must see bar in Bali! PS. Don't forget to check out the nightclub on the second floor!

Restaurant Information

  • Ethical
  • Age over 30, Bar, Good singles bar, Night Club, Parking, Upmarket Bar, Whiskey bar
  • Seminyak, Bali | Map
  • General European
  • 70s and 80s, Electronic Chill, Hip hop, House, Rock n roll
  • Dinner, Late Night, Lunch
  • Mid Range, Upmarket