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Petitenget restaurant and nightclub Mirror Lounge and Bar

Petitenget restaurant and nightclub Mirror green

Petitenget restaurant and nightclub Mirror Lounge and Bar

Petitenget restaurant and nightclub Mirror Lounge and Bar opened in 14 and is a stunning addition to the Petitenget nightlife options. Stunning, huge, this raises the bar, again. Shame the music and sound quality is crap.

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My initial feeling was that Mirror Lounge and Bar in Petitenget was a bit ambitious as another large bar just opened, and Charlie just closed down, in the immediate vicinity, and I wondered if it will succeed or crash as others have.

Mirror Lounge and Bar Petitenget  offers something different to other nightclubs in Bali.

There is a small, quiet and intimate lounge out the front where there is a huge selection of cakes and yummy sweet things which is cool on its own, and then there is the massive Gothic club space behind.

I got caught out several times failing the dress code, once with a friend who had shorts, and another time where my $200 covered sandals were deemed inappropriate, and apparently unsafe, which was laughable considering the skimpy heels the women wear.

Built like a Gothic cathedral with super high ceilings, the music is super loud with crappy acoustics, but the design of so many aspects is very cool.

Mirror Petitenget nightclub is very much like some of the big Jakarta clubs. It sets a new standard in clubbing style in Bali, and also a new standard in pricing.

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Whether it be vodka and red bull for 170k, a light beer for 85k, Heineken at 70k, something about their pricing gets me each time I have been. I tried a few times, but am finally over it.

One thing here is that there is no free seating – every seating area is reserved and paid for. So you have to stand and shuffle and drink!

There is an upstairs VIP area which is for hire, ranging from 2-3 million for the evening.

I had a laugh when I saw their champagne deals, where you can get 6 bottles of Dom Peringnon for a bargain 30 million! Yep, that is $3000 for some bubbles, albeit nice bubbles, to share with friends.

If that is out of your budget you can go downmarket and get 6 bottles of Moet Chandon for 10 million. Great deal.

Where Jenja in Seminyak had set a new standard for Bali clubs, Mirror nightclub resets it. Not as intimate as Jenja or even Mint in Petitenget, not as simple to meet people, and more expensive, but in scale, concept, design and architecture it is somewhat mindblowing.

From a purely visual perspective Mirror is currently the best nightclub in Bali.

However, once you consider the industrial music and awful sound that pierces your ears and pounds your body, the neurotic dress code, the high prices, and get over the hype of being there, there is actually not really much happening here.

By Mark O’Brien, October 2014, updated December 2014

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Mark O'Brien October 31, 2014 at 12:12 pm

Awesome concept and a fun club, beautiful design touches, cool concept.

Manik December 26, 2014 at 1:05 am

Terrible.. I stay in a villa close to this night club the sound was toooo LOUD.. hard to sleep 3 nights in a week.. seems like they don't have silencer.. they force other people to listen their music until morning.. it's already more than one month they still LOUD.. no empathy at all..

Mark O'Brien February 16, 2015 at 1:20 pm

I got caught out again by their dress code as I was wearing sandals that totally covered my feet, and in any other place are regarded as shoes. As I was with a big spending friend who left with me in frustration, this probably cost them 4-5 million. Gotta do better for locals.

Mark April 5, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I like this place but I must say I get offended by their pricing. 75k plus plus for a San Miguel light beer?? Meaning about $9 for a light beer? Hello?

Mark O'Brien May 4, 2015 at 6:09 pm

I went with some friends on Saturday night. The music is really awful here, much like the cheap local clubs the Indonesians flock to. The music is so loud all of your clothes are jumping, and nobody dances either. Yes the space is gorgeous, but the music is so loud and so awful I don't get why anyone wants to go there, except to be seen. Excruciating. They need to steal a DJ from Mint or Jenja. The drinks are nuts too - 85k for a light beer? 170 for a vodka (possibly dodgy too as I had funny feeling the next day) and red bull? This could be such a good club. I gave it a few shots, but am over it now.