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Padang Bai restaurant Puri Rai

Padang Bai restaurant Puri Rai crowd

Padang Bai restaurant Puri Rai

Mostly when I come back Gili Air or Gil Trawangan I don’t linger in Padang Bai, but as this time I had my bike there I decided to check out Padang Bai restaurant Puri Rai for lunch.

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Situated overlooking the harbour to the right as you get off the boat, Padang Bai restaurant Puri Rai is at the front of Pura Rai resort and is a very established old style Balinese building with the trademark heavy construction and breeze ways.

Padang Bai restaurant Puri Rai is a busy place, and with a large menu and seems to be the lunch spot of choice at that end of Padang Bai.

There is a list of pizzas, lots of tempting appetisers, a varied selection of vegetarian dishes, a long list of main dishes including curries, pastas, grilled meats and seafood.

Padang Bai restaurant Puri Rai has lots of options for lunch and dinner, not being open for breakfast (At least there was no breakfast menu apparent.)

I had the orange chicken (see the photo of this below) which was pretty good.

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As one would expect of a restaurant in a harbour town feeding holiday resorts, there is a lot of coming and going here, with piles of bags at the entrance. There is an upstairs section where I did not go, with wifi apparently.

The service was a little chaotic, it seemed they were pretty understaffed with the porters doubling up as waiters.

I liked having some time after the boat ride from Gili Air to let my stomach, a bit queasy after the relatively calm crossing, settle somewhat and not be part of the usual rush to get out of there.

Overall Padang Bai restaurant Puri Rai is a good clean restaurant if you are considering a stopover in Padang Bai (such as if you arrive in Bali at night and want to catch the early boat to the Gilis and you come to Padang Bai directly from the airport), or even if you are doing a local dive tour.

After the deaths of two Australian women in the last year (2104) in Padang Bai from an unlikely combination of medications and food poisoning (from poorly refrigerated fish), the Padang Bai restaurants are paying particular attention to the storage of fish.

By Mark O’Brien August 2014

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admin August 16, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Nice place, cool, food pretty good, good to get out of the hustle of Padang Bai harbour for a little while