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  • Air conditioned
  • Age over 30, Bali working girls, Dancing, Good singles bar, Night Club, Party venue, Restaurant
  • Seminyak, Petitenget, Bali | Map
  • Pizza
  • Electronic Dance, House
  • Late Night
  • Mid Range, Upmarket

Petitenget nightclub and restaurant Mint

Pettitengit nighclub Mint bar

Petitenget nightclub and restaurant Mint

Petitenget nightclub Mint was, before it closed early 2017 one of the most popular clubs in the Seminyak Petitenget area.

Mint in Bali is located on Petitenget road near the Petitenget nightclub and restaurant Potato Head entrance.

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Fresh has become, since it opened in the middle of 2011, an occasionally seething, jumping nightclub that transformed the nightclub landscape in Seminyak and Petitenget. And is way up there in the rankings of Bali nightclubs.

Crowded, smokey, Mint had the best sound in Bali, albeit with a dancefloor too jammed to do much dancing, tho jiggling on the spot is OK! Not the place to go if you like to let loose on the dance floor, or if you have any issues about smokey environments.

The crowd is pretty mixed, the Westerners of all ages and types looking for fun however it looks, the Russians, the Indonesian girls, the Bali prostitutes, and generally good times and and happy atmosphere pervades.

Occasionally there is some anti social activity typical of places where lots of alcohol is served, but the security guards are pretty ‘onto’ whatever is going on.

Only open Thursday to Saturday nights until 3-4 am, Petitenget nightclub and restaurant Mint became the stock place to go after midnight in the Petitenget/Seminyak area.

Sometimes Mint is just wall-to-wall Bali prostitutes and as of August 2013, lots of Bali Russian prostitutes.

Which is a bit boring if your interest is not just sex or if you are a woman seeking some attention from guys whose eyes aren’t rolling in the back of their heads!!

Be warned, there are thieves in Mint. I had my iphone taking from my pocket in early September 2013, not impressed. On the same night a woman ‘lost’ hers also across the road at Mantra (now Saigon Street), so maybe there was a gang working that night.

A month or so later I had my new phone stolen from Mint too. I had it locked away in a buttoned pocket then I took it out to take a photo, forgot to button pocket again, and it was gone.

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If you are a non smoker, be warned; Petitenget nightclub and restaurant Mint is very smokey inside. If the mooted laws regarding smoking in clubs and restaurants kick in at some stage, Mint nightclub may be in trouble.

It has no outdoor area for its smoking patrons being very well soundproofed to not disturb the neighbours, at least not with loud music.

Almost as soon as it opened it pulled the crowds, and four years later it is still busy and definitely worth a visit. One of the pumping Bali nightclubs and for sure in my top 10 Bali nightclubs. The best music by a long way, sound is great.

Be warned though, like anywhere in Bali, the alcohol can be dodgy, especially vodka if you buy a bottle. Myself and a friend have each had adverse reactions to drinking the apparently kosher vodka, so I suspect some tampering is happening. Tequila and whisky seem to be a bit harder to counterfeit so maybe stick with those.

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I went again in June 2015, and there was a 100k cover charge with no drink chucked in. It was pretty busy, but the DJ was pretty uninspiring.

By Mark O’Brien 2013, updated June 2015

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John Harris September 7, 2012 at 9:22 pm

me and me mates had a ball there last Friday. The chicks! All over ya. You beaudie! Russian blondes, Indo chicks with bodies to die for. Didn't find out till a bit later they were hookers, tho by then we didn't care as we got too pissed to do anything anyway. great night.

Paul Winter April 17, 2013 at 9:25 pm

Cool place, and yeah, the chicks are all over you. Gets expensive, but I had a great time, met cool people, good bar. Was pretty trashed when I left at 3 tho.

Fentry June 17, 2013 at 9:25 pm

I went to Mint last week with someone special, cool place, packed dance floor but we didn't care. We had fun, an experience not to be forgotten. A place to have fun with your partner. Thanks for these tips about Bali nightclubs and Bali nightlife

George September 21, 2013 at 2:45 pm

I was there two weeks ago and had my iphone stolen from inside my pants pocket. I had not been aware of anyone being that close, so was shocked. Probably a gang of women. So beware of thieves at Mint!!

Michael September 21, 2013 at 2:48 pm

Went to Mint again on Sept 20, a party night, arrived 2.30 and they still wanted me to pay cover charge?? Give me a break. Don't like how they do not respect their local customers. Greedy. OK, so they missed out on whatever I was going to spend there. Tacky Mint!! Tacky mint, tacky mint, tacky mint Bali

Sapna Shiv Das December 10, 2013 at 1:55 pm

Packed and fun place - had a great time - thanks

Restaurant Information

  • Air conditioned
  • Age over 30, Bali working girls, Dancing, Good singles bar, Night Club, Party venue, Restaurant
  • Seminyak, Petitenget, Bali | Map
  • Pizza
  • Electronic Dance, House
  • Late Night
  • Mid Range, Upmarket