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  • Family Friendly, Wifi
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  • Lovina, Bali North, Bali | Map
  • Japanese, Raw food
  • Classical Japanese, Cruisey Beats
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Lovina Japanese restaurant Seyu

Lovina Japanese restaurant Seyu tables

Lovina Japanese restaurant Seyu

Lovina Japanese restaurant Seyu is one of only a couple of Japanese restaurants in Lovina in north Bali and serves the usual Japanese fare in a lovely space.

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I did not eat here but Seyu Japanese restaurant in Lovina appears to be a good quality Japanese restaurant in the heart of the Lovina restaurant area.

Classily done with high backed chairs and table cloths, and cotton napkins, Bali Japanese restaurant in Lovina Seyu seems to be the centre of Japanese fine dining in Lovina.

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The menu is fairly standard – sushi, sashimi, chicken and seafood teriyaki dishes, and lots of tofu dishes including soups.

Next time I am in Lovina I will check Japanese restaurant Seyu in Lovina out more thoroughly as it looks impressive.

By Mark O’Brien, September 2015

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