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  • Seminyak, Legian, Bali | Map
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Lippo Plaza on Sunset

Lippo Plaza in Bali gym

Lippo Plaza on Sunset      

Lippo Plaza on Sunset is a large mall opposite Carrefour housing Siolam hospital, a gym, a large electronics store, some restaurants and a possibly Bali’s largest grocery supermarket.

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Siolam hospital in Bali has a strong reputation in Bali for its modernity and its ridiculous pricing. A friend went there after falling off his bike, with a few cuts, and was quoted 80million, which is AU$8000!

They wanted to do multiple x-rays, keep him overnight for observation plus plus.

Hospitals in Indonesia are usually run by charity (for locals) or for-profit, for tourists and wealthier locals) so they will charge you what they can

He went home and cleaned his own wounds and was fine three days later.

I asked about their x-ray pricing which was 900-1.1million, compared to less than half that at other hospitals in Bali.

The Food Mart supermarket on the ground floor is massive, almost like a Western supermarket. See the review of this on this website.

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There is a large gym here which seems quite busy though I do not know of it price competitiveness. There are a few restaurants here including Deli Bistro.

The electronic store has TVs, fridges, cameras etc, and from how it looks and knowing how these things work in Bali, expect to pay between 15-20% more here than elsewhere. See Shopping for Electronic goods in Bali on this website.

There is a phone store, a fitness machine shop and a smattering of auxillary health stores as well.

The best part about Lippo Plaza on Sunset is that is close, and with Bali hospital Siolam here, if you happen to end up there in hospital there are at least nice places to eat. I suggest though that if you are not insured and have an accident, do not go to Siolam hospital in Bali.

If you have insurance and have had an accident on a motorbike you are unlicensed to drive, then your insurance is void. Be aware of that prior to choosing to go here if you just have a few cuts and bruises, as it will hit your wallet hard.

See also Deli Bistro on this site

By Mark O’Brien, July 2015

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