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  • Family Friendly
  • Restaurant, Sport Bar
  • Kuta Bali, Bali | Map
  • Burgers, General European, Grilled, Pizza, Seafood
  • Cruisey Beats, Live Music
  • Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
  • Mid Range, Upmarket

Kuta restaurant Bamboo Bar and Grill


Kuta restaurant Bamboo Bar and Grill

Kuta restaurant Bamboo Bar and Grill is a beautiful restaurant opposite The Discovery shopping mall in Kuta and is an upmarket restaurant serving quality food in comfortable and stylish surrounds.

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I was really just looking for a place to watch a game of football and so was attracted by the large number of TVs mounted on the wall.

The maitre de wasn’t impressed that I did not want a table, at least not yet and we found some stools at the bar with a TV showing the game I wanted to watch.

Kuta restaurant Bamboo isn’t really a sports bar although most of the Aussie crowd there were glued to the screens.  It is more a restaurant where you can watch a game.

Kuta restaurant Bamboo is a beautiful building, yes made entirely out of bamboo, with lots of ideas available for someone who’s looking for inspiration.

Some of the design elements of Kuta restaurant Bamboo are very nice.

See the bottom of this page for some photos of Kuta restaurant Bamboo and their menu.

I was a bit surprised to discover that the menu was quite expensive, with most meals around the 150-170k price range, which puts it into the same category as the upmarket and way more chic restaurants on Jl Oberoi in Seminyak.

Most of the clientele are families where mum doesn’t want to run around looking for a the best place to eat, but rather simply wants a break from cooking!

Lots of family groups there so clearly Bamboo is family friendly with a relatively interesting kids menu.

We had some beer (which at 35K was reasonable considering it was a nice place) and then chose to eat elsewhere, somewhere closer to where we wanted to go out afterwards.

There was a band that came on after the footy was finished and as the stage was set back a bit, they were not loud and intrusive which I liked.

Kuta restaurant Bamboo is a large Bali restaurant with seating for perhaps 130 people, and seemed to be a fairly efficient place.

Probably on the list of best restaurants in Kuta, Bamboo is a lovely place to stop and eat. A good menu with lots of delicious goodies available.

See their website for their menu.

By Mark O’Brien August 2014

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admin August 20, 2014 at 12:25 pm

Nice place, good vibe, comfortable to watch sport with your family in, but mostly a good restaurant