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  • Age under 40, Bali working girls, Bar, Club, Dancing, Good singles bar, Kareoke, Party venue
  • Kuta Bali, Bali | Map
  • Indonesian
  • Electronic Dance, Hard core house, House, Pop
  • Late Night
  • Mid Range

Kuta nightclub Boshe Club

Bali nightclub Bosch visuals

Kuta nightclub Boshe Club

Kuta nightclub Boshe Club in Tuban on the road to the airport is a massive club that caters mostly to locals. Big and bad sound, big lighting, a huge and impersonal Bali club.

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I had passed this club main times, always thinking, naturally enough, that  it was some German club, catering to the German expats, and finally decided to check it out.

Well, there are not that many German expats in Bali anyway, but I was still surprised to find the Boshe Club catering, apparently, almost exclusively to locals. It has a huge sound system and lighting show that makes you feel like you are in some kind of industrial music hall.

Kuta nightclub Boshe Club is a massive barn like structure, with the DJ positioned like a demigod up on a stage all alone, while her name was up in lights behind her.

Probably better suited to live music really, which is probably what it was built for. Not as grungy as DeeJay Cafe, but similar industrial scale and sound.

In the entry foyer you pay a cover charge to get in for 85k including a welcome drink and you go right to the club.

Or if you go left there is the karaoke section which in some circles is synonymous with a massage parlour, which I did not check out, not being my cup of tea. And I cannot sing!

I found the club to be not very interesting really, as the large crowd sat at their tables, immersed in whatever conversation they always have with the friends they always hang out with.

No mingling anywhere, nobody dancing except for a couple of drunk guys willing to handle the exposure of being up on such a high stage.

I won’t go there again, not my style. Not in my my top Bali nightclubs or Kuta nightclubs. Maybe The Kuta nightclub Boshe Club is more for locals or tourists from Jakarta or Singapore. Much more an Asian club than a Western one.

If you like this you might like Adora Soul Destination in Sanur and Deejays in Kuta.

By Mark O’Brien 2013

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admin April 2, 2014 at 3:20 pm

Hard-core club on the way to the airport, busy, mostly local scene