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Kuta Italian restaurant Papa’s Limoncello

Kuta Italian restaurant papa's Limoncello tables front

Kuta Italian restaurant Papa’s Limoncello

Kuta Italian restaurant Papa’s Limoncello is a popular old style Bali Italian restaurant opposite the beach towards the end of Jalan Pantai Kuta.

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Serving quality Italian food for over 15 years, Papa’s Limoncello in Kuta has become famous for its ‘Volcano’ pizzas which is a normal pizza with a roof that is set alight at the table then cut away. See the photo at the bottom of the page.

As a spectacle this is very cool, and as an add-on they make a hat out of the ‘roof’ section. A somewhat ridiculous photo but one that had to to taken. See the photo below. The pizza itself is a bit moist due to the roof, but still quite good.

The volcano is available for all pizza types at an additional cost of 50k.

The salmon was also delicious, not too soft and raw and not too dry: good texture.

Kuta Italian restaurant Papa’s Limoncello is by no means a cheap place to eat with the higher value meals hitting the 300k mark, but there are still a wide range of pastas and pizzas along with an Asian sample menu to choose form that are better suited to a tighter budget.

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Kuta Italian restaurant Papa’s Limoncello have a kids menu also.

Papa’s Limoncello in Kuta have a strict policy of no MSG or bought powders, sauces or other flavourings so you can be assured of clean food here.

Most nights there is live music with a solitary acoustic musician playing an unusual selection of 80s and 90s covers.

Papa’s Limoncello in Kuta is a busy place, with most of its business coming form those staying in the local area. In front of the Malyasian Consulate and right before (as you go in the direction of the one way traffic) Pullman’s Hotel.

There is plenty of parking opposite.

Kuta Italian restaurant Papa’s Limoncello is a good quality Bali Italian restaurant and worth a visit, if only for the volcano pizza, and original concept that has been copied all over Bali.

Phone (0361) 755055

By Mark O’Brien 2015

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Mark O'Brien February 17, 2015 at 12:27 pm

We had a lovely dinner dinner here. The volcano pizza a highlight with the ridiculous hat. Good food, OK pricing, good restaurant