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Kuta Central supermarket Giant

Kuta central supermarket Giant aisles 2

Kuta Central supermarket Giant

Kuta central supermarket Giant is a large supermarket in the Kuta Central parkir that caters more to locals with fruit and veggies, laundry and bathroom goodies, but no deli for Western tastes.

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Situated in Kuta parkir, the central parking area behind Kuta Galleria, Giant is where you go to get your basic food and cleaning stuff.

For those unfamiliar with Kuta Galleria, this is the large dilapidated semi-deserted shopping precinct in Kuta where you will find an ACE hardware, also the iPark Apple store, the odd massage place, restaurants and a huge parking area.

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If you are a Westerner looking for that interesting cheese or ham, real fruit juice and not concentrate, or even non UHT milk, you are gonna have to go somewhere else, cause this Bali supermarket doesn’t have anything like that.

Health choices and options don’t really appear in the thinking of most locals, with rows of MSG laden instant noodles, or rat poison as I like to refer to these ubiquitous, nutrition black holes.

‘Local’ supermarkets in Bali sell what the local Balinese want, and as such probably don’t do much expat trade. I have been there three times and haven’t see any Westerners shopping there.

By Mark O’Brien 2015

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