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Kuta Beachwalk restaurant Kafe Betawi

Kuta beachwalk restaurant Kafe betawi aspect

Kuta Beachwalk restaurant Kafe Betawi

I recently went to Kuta Beachwalk restaurant Kafe Betawi in the rear part of Kuta Beachwalk and found the food to be surprisingly a bit bland, in an otherwise comfy and spacious restaurant.

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We were going to see a movie so had limited time and thought to try this restaurant’s version of Betawi food. Betawi food is the local food from Jakarta.

Kafe Betawi at Kuta Beachwalk is on the same level as and just past the cinema, and I imagine is a popular pre- and post-movie restaurant.

I ordered the laksa which was surprisingly tame spice-wise, with no chilli spread throughout dish, but rather one large piece of chilli in the middle. It was also lukewarm, which may have been because we told the waitress we were in a rush.

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A laksa without any heat, spice or temperature, is a bit odd. The serving was smallish, not really enough for a meal. So, I was left unimpressed with dinner.

Betawi food is meant to be very spicey, the kind of food that Jakarta people miss when they are in Bali, and so it was a strange to have food that was plain tasting.

Prices here were all around 50-65k, not bad for a light meal in Kuta Beachwalk.

Kuta Beachwalk restaurant Kafe Betawi is by no means a great Bali restaurant, or even one of the better Kuta Beachwalk restaurants. There was quite a few others there so some people like it.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2015

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