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  • Air conditioned, Family Friendly, Non Smoking
  • Restaurant
  • Umalas, Bali | Map
  • Home deliveries, Japanese
  • Mellow, Ambient
  • Dinner, Lunch
  • Mid Range

Umalas Japanese restaurant Kunti III

Kunti 3 inside

Umalas Japanese restaurant Kunti III

Umalas Japanese restaurant Kunti III sushi bar is a great addition to the variety of Bali restaurants in the Umalas Kerobokan area and is one of my personal favourites.

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Situated on Jalan Raya Banjar Anyar, No 25, in Umalas (near Bali Buda and Cafe Moka Coffee House) it is one of the growing number of Bali restaurants in this area catering to the Bali expats and tourists staying in the Umalas Canggu area.

Umalas Japanese restaurant Kunti III is small, more a cafe really, with a few tables downstairs and some more upstairs, with a small smoking area outside.

And the food is great. Good price too. I have been there a few times now, and usually have one of their set menus, which includes delicious miso soup, a serve of sashimi, and then chicken teriyaki, which along with a lemon juice cost me 125,000 including tip. Great value, very satisfying, good sashimi.

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Being a non-smoking Bali sushi bar is a massive plus for the many people who are allergic to or simply dislike smoke, and it is easy anyway for smokers to just sit outside around a table and smoke if they so choose.

They also do a home delivery service, not sure how far they go with that. Ask.

Check out, or call (0361) 8475321 or 0816582849

It is a bit of a hidden gem, Umalas Japanese restaurant Kunti III, and for sure in my top 100 Bali restaurants and in top 10 Bali Japanese restaurants.

As of May 2014 prices have gone up like Bali prices everywhere. Still good value though.

By Mark O’Brien, 2013

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Jenny Morris July 24, 2013 at 10:56 pm

Wow this is just great. Lovely staff, great food, nice to have the Japanese touch in Umalas. Real cafe vibe, good meeting place, becoming a focal point in Umalas, just down from Bali Buda. I tried their Arak, yum, no hangover either. Good food, good price, great experience overall.