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Kerobokan wine bar and shop Winehouse

kerobokan wine bar and shop Winehouse bottles

Kerobokan wine bar and shop Winehouse

Kerobokan wine bar and shop Winehouse is a large western style bottle shop come private and discrete wine bar on Jalan Raya Kerobokan opposite Café Warisan.

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I was quite surprised at how classy and spacious Winehouse was when I dropped in. Not being much of a wine drinker since I have lived in Bali, I hadn’t been in there before.

Winehouse wine bar and shop has a large selection of wines from France, Chile, Australia and New Zealand which seem to be the origins of the most commonly imported wines in Indonesia.

There are also Hatten and Plaga wines from Indonesia, the latter being made from Australian grapes imported and fermented in Bali.

I did find a bit of a deal, however, for those who like wine but whose budget is a bit challenged.

Kerobokan wine bar and shop Winehouse sells 3 litre casks of mixed red and mixed white wines for 400k, and 1.5 litre ones for 240k, so pretty good value.

They also have a selection of very nice wine glasses plus the usual array of spirits although these were pretty expensive even by Indonesian standards.

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With high import taxes fake or copied spirits have proliferated, with many copies being made in China (seemingly good copies that regular spirit drinkers cannot tell from the real ones, or the locally made fake ones that can be made from anything and which one should be careful with.

The problem with the whole fake spirits thing is that it is really hard to tell if a bottle is fake or real, and often fake ones can be substituted for real ones without the distributor or even the supplier knowing about it.

There is a very nice little bar downstairs where you can have a glass, or partake in the daily wine tastings that happen from 10am to 5pm most days.

Downstairs it is air-conditioned and non smoking, while upstairs there is a sweet little terrace where smokers can exhale in comfort.

There is also an airconditioned room upstairs with a very large table suitable for conferences or large business meetings.

Winehouse is a nice little Bali wine bar and large Bali bottle shop

By Mark O’Brien, April 2015

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Roger Stewart February 7, 2017 at 10:20 am

I am from Australia and I am organising for my daughters wedding in Bali in June. I am after some sparkling wine, sav blank and cheraz wine for the guests. Can you help me by sending me some prices and details for these wines by email to I have a friend in Bali who will be able to pick them up. Please advise. Best regards. Roger Stewart

admin February 13, 2017 at 10:19 am

still amazes me when people contact this site about this kind of thing. It is like contacting a newspaper re ad for Dan Murphy! It ie explicitly written on comment page to NOT contact like this.