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  • Family Friendly, Wifi
  • Parking, Restaurant, Warung
  • Kerobokan, Bali | Map
  • Balinese, Grilled, Indonesian
  • Balinese
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Kerobokan warung Waarung Meengkreb

Kerobokan warung Waarung Meengkreb

I dropped by Kerobokan warung Waarung Meengkreb for lunch recently and was quite impressed by their food, the relaxed feel in the lovely garden area and the prices.

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A family run Bali warung, Waarung Meengkreb in Kerobokan is just north of the jail on a gang running off Merta Agung (the continuation of Jl Merthinadi).

I went when it was very quiet at lunch time but apparently gets more busy at night, catering to the guest houses in the area.

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The menu is basically Balinese food including grilled fish, calamari and pork ribs, all around the 50-60k price point. I had the chicken cap cay which at 25k was more than enough and very nice, exceptional value.

I had the cap cay and two watermelon juices for 45k which is excellent value.

The garden area has many pretty birds in cages whose chirping and singing forms a lovely ambience. It is a bit exposed to the sun so during the day can be hot, and if it is raining then forget about it.

By Mark O’Brien, September 2017

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