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Kerobokan Chinese restaurant Mum Mun

Kerobokan Chinese restaurant Mum Mun cap cay

Kerobokan Chinese restaurant Mum Mun

Kerobokan Chinese restaurant Mum Mun is a very simple and local Bali restaurant in Kerobokan that serves quite decent local Bali food at a really low cost.

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I live nearby Kerobokan Chinese restaurant Mum Mun and have been looking for a restaurant near my hosue that has a clean kitchen and produce3s clean food and so was very surprised when I ventured into Mum Mun one day.

As you can see from the photo below this is a pretty basic restaurant, nothing fancy here.

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The food is not really Chinese, but more Indonesian with a Chinese bent. I go in for a nasi cap cay ayam and an iced tea that costs me 23k!

Admittedly the serving portions are not so large and there is not that much chicken, but it is still a great deal from my perspective.

It has become my new favourite restaurant, just being two minutes from my house.

Situated opposite the Indomaret on Jalan Gunung Sangyang – see the map – I have often seen other Westerners there who also refer to the clean nature of the food and kitchen.

It is good to go there with someone who can understand the menu as there is no English translation and none of the staff speak much English. I was stuck with nasi cap cay for a week or so!

By Mark O’Brien, July 2016

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mark February 10, 2018 at 2:57 pm

Nothing fancy, but the food here is pretty good. I often come here for a chicken cap cay as it is the closest restaurant to my house that seems to understand hygeine!