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  • Ethical, Family Friendly, green values, Non Smoking, Wifi
  • Parking, Restaurant, Warung
  • Kerobokan, Bali | Map
  • Indonesian, Nasi Campur, Organic
  • -
  • Lunch
  • Budget, Mid Range

Kerobokan budget restaurant Warung Jepang

Bali restaurant Warung jepang

Kerobokan budget restaurant Warung Jepang

Kerobokan budget restaurant Warung Jepang is really a rare gem in Kerobokan. Beautiful, cheap and clean Japanese food in a beautiful and aesthetic environment.

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Kerobokan budget restaurant Warung Jepang is a warung that serves a delicious blend of Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese luncheon food at a great price.

Chicken tofu balls, three of four Japanese vegetable dishes (unusual for this kind of warung to have so much variety in vegetables).

Warung Jepang is set in a a beautiful environment (see pics at the bottom of this page), very quiet and serene, a place to feel in harmony with your surrounds again.

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The owner must be a meditator as there is a very quiet, inner feeling here.

The two times I have been here there has been a quiet breeze blowing through, making the air fresh.

Yes the feng shui here must be spot-on, which extends to having freely available glasses of filtered water as an alternative to using plastic water bottles. Thumbs up!

Not as cheap as similar warungs in the area, though the food quality is much higher, really clean and of course the environment is much better.

Unfortunately only open for lunch, usually until 4 pm though sometimes it stays open until 6.

Recommended, Kerobokan budget restaurant Warung Jepang is one of the best Kerobokan restaurants of its ilk, well done. A lovely Bali restaurant.

By Mark O’Brien, October 2013

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  • Ambience (4.5)
  • Environment (4.5)
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admin March 29, 2014 at 8:07 pm

good food, great lunch spot, shame about not being open for dinner

Wayan W September 1, 2015 at 10:54 am

Love the food, great price.. Actually also great service, i'd give 5* for service IF they would change their take away packaging from the cheap and super-bad-for-health-and-environment STYROFOAM boxes.. They nasi bungkus paper i'd vote for if they insist on going cheap, even clear PP plastic is way better than the styrofoam... If they'd invest a bit they can use the waxed paper boxes.. The least they can do is ask customer what they want the packaging before just stuffing all in there... Please consider..