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  • Ethical, Family Friendly, Wifi
  • Bar, Parking, Restaurant, Tapas bar
  • Kampot Cambodia | Map
  • French, MSG free, Tapas
  • Cruisey Beats, Jazz, Mellow, Ambient
  • Dinner
  • Mid Range

Kampot Tapas restaurant Baraca


Kampot Tapas restaurant Baraca

Kampot tapas restaurant Baraca is quite a classy Kampot restaurant in down town Kampot run by two Belgiam women with a taste for quality food.

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Priced higher than most restaurants in Kampot, the menu is largely delicious looking and tasting tapas and each night they serve a different main meal which at around $6-7 is cheap even though it is at the higher end in the area.

The owners are chefs and so are really into their food, making everything from scratch and very proud of what they serve. I had a sausage dish one night and loved the flavours. Mmmmm

It is Kampot so drinks are cheap, and so beers start from $1 with some special Belgium beers more, while delicious cocktails are around $3 which is what you pay for a nice wine.

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While I was in Kampot I came here a few times to have a beer at the beer chatting with the other guests or the owners or to have a bite. Good quality clean food.

There were often families there and the kids seem to be happy so they must have found something on the menu they liked.

Like most Kampot restaurants there is no restriction on smoking but as there are three spaces here there is always somewhere to be smoke free if that is a concern. Most smokers are respectful of kids’ space in that regard.

By Mark O’Brien, September 2017

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