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Kampot Irish bar Oh Neils

Kampot Irish bar Oh Neils

I spent a few weeks in Kampot in the 2017 wet season and spent many wonderful evenings atKampot Irish bar Oh Neils, one of my favourite bars anywhere.

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Kampot is a small city in the south of Cambodia and is a bit of an expat enclave. With beer costing US$1 and cocktails $2.50 it is not a place to make lots of money so restaurant and bar owners have made a lifestyle choice rather than a business one to open a business here.

And it shows, especially in this instance where owner Neil is at the bar most nights welcoming and entertaining guests.

Like most Cambodian bars in Kampot, Cambodian Irish bar Oh Neils is a small place, with maybe 20 chairs, with a small outdoor area.

Kampot Irish Blues bar plays a good mix of well known and obscure blues music. The Western staff are very much engaged with the customers and one must remember to buy them a beer sometimes too.

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Open from about 9pm until everyone goes home, usually by 2-3am, Oh Neils is one of those bars where, lubricated by beer and Neil’s Irish conviviality, everyone talks to each other.

I had some of the best conversations I have had in years at this bar which I really appreciated and enjoyed, a result of which I drank and smoked (‘Smoking’ is allowed in many of the bars in Kampot as the government does not really care about small stuff like that.) more than I usually do and always had a memorable night.

By Mark O’Brien, August 2017

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Mark August 23, 2017 at 4:38 pm

If you like small intimate bars where you might find yourself talking with and enjoying people from very different backgrounds then this is the bar for you in Kampot. Loved it here