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Jimbaran beach seafood restaurant Kampoeng

Jimbaran beach seafood restaurant Kampoeng

On the Jalan Pantai Kedonganan strip of Jimbaran beach seafood Bali restaurants, Jimbaran beach seafood restaurant Kampoeng was perhaps one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had, certainly the most overpriced.

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I went with a friend, and so we ordered a set menu for 2, at 875,000. This included salad, a small lobster, 6 prawns, a fish, a crab, some clams and potato chips.

When the food came all at once it overwhelmed the table, but as it became apparent that most of the food was crap, dishes were dispensed with quickly.

My friend had the lobster which she liked and was passable to my taste. I started with the crab, well I should say crab legs as there was nothing in the body, (possibly scooped out and given to someone else maybe?) and after cutting my finger cracking a leg I dropped trying to get at least some enjoyment out of the crab and pushed the plate away.

OK so onto the prawns. Well, in addition to being stone cold, it felt like they were actually reheated from some other day, so leathery were they. It was like eating shrimp at a cheap restaurant, with all the leathery taste and texture of dried shrimp.

OK, then onto the fish. Well at least this was warm, and fresh, and actually OK. It rescued my meal, as well as saving me from having to go somewhere else to eat (again).

After this I moved onto the clams that were served cold in a garlic sauce. Straight out of the fridge they were also not worth the effort to eat.

Maybe they were meant to be cold, but the leathery feel, where I was not able to chew some, was a complete turn off.

To rub some salt into the wounds, the bill was messed up. An order for an additional beer was ignored and so had to be re-ordered, and so charged twice. As was another juice.

I found the staff to be rude and badly trained, sometimes having loud discussions as a group amongst the tables while clearing dishes. You are paying a million plus rupiahs to sit there and eat and staff are arguing or talking loudly over your head? Give me a break.

The one upside of this place was the beach it sits on. Jimbaran is pretty, with several places doing fireworks during the night, others having traditional Balinese dancing which most people ignored so it became just noise.

I must say I was appalled at the poor quality of this Bali restaurant for that kind of price. You can eat incredible food in stunning Seminyak restaurants for way less money, with great service and beautiful ambience. After such a great experience just down the beach at the Menega Restaurant some weeks earlier it was strange.

I left having felt like I had been totally disrespected as a customer, and will never consider go back there again. I was so embarrassed for the manager as he said goodbye, all smiles, no idea how bad his place is. No doubt Kampoeng Seafood Bali Jimbaran restaurant must rank among the top 10 worst Bali restaurants.

Jimbaran beach seafood restaurant Kampoeng was a really bad Bali restaurant experience.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2013

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Manasvi August 9, 2013 at 12:27 pm

Wish I had read your review before I went there. it was pretty crappy, complained to the owner who was very apologetic for cold food. Staff were really awful.

admin March 29, 2014 at 7:39 pm

Atrocious, for that kind of money, can eat beautifully at Metis or similar. Just crap