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  • Family Friendly, Wifi
  • Restaurant, Warung
  • Lombok, Gili Air | Map
  • General Asian, Indonesian, Seafood
  • Cruisey Beats
  • Dinner, Lunch
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Gili Air restaurant Warung Kampung

Gili Air restaurant warung Kampung tables

Gili Air restaurant Warung Kampung

Gili Air restaurant Warung Kampung in the heart of Gili Air is a very popular local restaurant 100 metres inland from the jetty serving good cheap food.

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I went to Warung Kampung on my recent trip to Gili Air with a group and it appeared that everyone had a lovely dinner.

I had gotten separated from the group in the rain so I ate elsewhere so when I arrived finally everyone had eaten and were happily satiated.

The menu is mostly about grilled fish and chicken dishes with local spices that can come in varying degrees of spiceyness.

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There is not much in the way of decoration here, although they are building a new bar so it appears they want to have more late night action happening here.

The completely bamboo, bulky furniture is pretty standard on Gili Air and sets the scene a bit.

Service is a bit slow and they messed up the bill a little but these felt like minor transgressions!

Gili Air restaurant Warung Kampung seems to be a bit of a favourite with expat residents who prefer the more simple food and lower prices of the local warungs.

If you head inland from the junction near the jetty go up to tnext junction and go right and Warung Kampung is about 30 metres along on the right.

By Mark O’Brien, March 2015

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Gen O'Brien April 23, 2015 at 2:36 pm

Warung Kampung has been a bit of a favourite, if I am wanting a good piece of fish, local style, ie, with spices.. like a 'Ikan campur, not pricey, but better quality and less spicy than the local cheaper varieties of 'Campur'[which I love too]. Good food for about Rps20,000-Rps30.000[-$2-$3]...simple environment, but always friendly & homely. Was welcomed back in March like a long lost friend-I hadn't been there for a year, and the owner Ossiz brought out a nice 'sherry' for us all-8 of us..generous of him - everyone enjoyed the night