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  • Family Friendly, Swimming pool/beach
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  • Lombok, Gili Air | Map
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Gili Air restaurant Nafifa cafe

Gili Air restaurant Nafifa cafe aspect

Gili Air restaurant Nafifa cafe 

Gili Air restaurant Nafifa cafe is a funky little basic restaurant on the south west area on Gil Air which was a new addition since I had been to Gili Air nine months or so before.

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I was a bit surprised at the scope of the menu given that it appeared to only be two people working with maybe 7-8 tables.

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Gili Air restaurant Nafifa cafe serve lots of different foods, from jaffles, spaghetti burgers, salads and pancakes as you can see by the photos at the bottom.

All the food looked quite appetising and we were both really hungry having just gotten off the boat. What was coming out of the kitchen looked great, but where was our food?

Another customer went to the counter and said he was fed up waiting, having been patient for an hour or so but still no food. He paid for his drinks and left upset.

We felt the same, and after an hour had elapsed we too left to go somewhere else.

Then we discovered it was an island wide problem, as that day was the celebration day to end Ramadan, Idyl Fitri, so there were major staff shortages with every restaurant seemingly running on a skeleton crew.

Surprisingly the next place we went to was a bit quicker, so we were happily fed within a half hour or so.

Gili Air restaurant Nafifa cafe is a nice little place, and although I did not go there again during my stay, it seemed like it was quite popular, always a good sign.

By Mark O’Brien, August 2014

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admin August 25, 2014 at 2:35 pm

Giving them the benefit of the doubt that normally their service is at least standard, not non existent as it was the day we went, Idyl Fitri, the big family day of celebration after Ramadan, I think this place is very nice, simple and cheap. A basic restaurant on the beach