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Gili Air beach restaurant Diva Cafe

Gili Air beach restaurant Diva Cafe aspect

Gili Air beach restaurant Diva Cafe

Gili Air beach restaurant Diva Cafe is one of a whole bunch of similar restaurants that line the north eastern shores of Gili Air where you can just relax.

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All of these restaurants have the stunning beach aspect, where you can hang out listening to the waves lap while you have a juice of read a book

There is nothing that really distinguishes Diva Café from the others along this strip. They are all lovely with a super relaxed vibe.

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The food is pretty basic with Indonesian dishes, seafood, the odd Sasak dish (Sasak meaning the local Lombok tribe) and grilled fish with basic salad.

Breakfast all over Gili Air is pancakes garnished with fruit or honey and eggs done many ways with white bread toast and here is pretty much standard.

Gili Air beach restaurant Diva Cafe is a very chilled and relaxed place to hang out where after a while you don’t really care about what you eat or drink.

Diva Cafe is a nice an standard Gili Air beach restaurant.

By Mark O’Brien, March 2015

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paul May 11, 2015 at 2:17 pm

Lovely place to just chill out in the afternoon. Food is OK, passable, standard for this kind of place in Gili Air