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Echo Beach Quicksilver Café

Echo Beach Quicksilver Cafe porch

Echo Beach Quicksilver Café

Echo Beach Quicksilver Café is a nice little café in front of the Quicksilver surf store in Echo Beach in Bali serving surprisingly good food!

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Just 50 metres from the beach is a pretty smart idea, having a café for partners and kids to hang out in and have a drink or food while the surfer buys the gear.

The menu includes lots of snacks, like samosas, spring rolls, potato wedges and a couple of classic salads.

The breakfast menu is good, as I imagine that is when they do their best trade, after the early morning surf. Pancakes, muffins, eggs, muesli, burgers etc, and relatively unknown in Bali, it has sourdough bread available.

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The Echo Beach Quicksilver Café in Canggu has a nice screened outdoor area, the kind of café that you would come across in inner urban areas of Australia, with similar, slightly higher than expected pricing.

Quicksilver Café in Canggu is a nice little place for a lighter meal.

By Mark O’Brien, October 2015

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