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Central Jakarta nightclub Dragonfly

Jakarta nightclub Dragonfly space

Central Jakarta nightclub Dragonfly

Central Jakarta nightclub Dragonfly is one of the more upmarket nightclubs in Jakarta. It is clearly where a lot of wannabe ‘Jakarta’s beautiful people’ congregate as well as those who have already ‘made it’ and enjoy the rewards of ‘it’.

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Beautifully designed, it is laid out so the streams of people always moves through narrow channels, which gives you a great opportunity to check out everyone who is there.

I have previously been part of a friend’s birthday celebrations at Aphrodite and Liquid Exchange so was a little wobbly already when I arrived. Plus I was wearing a pair of boots that had a story all of their own.

My boots – their story

As I was leaving Liquid Exchange my friend, Frederick, the manager of both Liquid Exchange and Aphrodite, realised I was wearing sandals, my standard footwear that suffices for all places in Bali, instead of the shoes that are required to get into Dragonfly.

Despite my protestations that I had gained entry on other occasions into Jakarta club with just my sandals, he then arranged for me to exchange my sandals with a security guard who swapped me his big black (and sweaty – eeek!) boots that were slightly small but not enough to veto the whole idea!!

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So into Dragonfly we went, me and my big black boots and my new friend for whom the entrance gates simply parted. Haha.

Not exactly the best shoes for dancing, though after a couple of vodkas they did not seem to be a problem. Mind you, nobody wanted to talk to me!!! Mmmmmm!

I had fun at Central Jakarta nightclub Dragonfly, weird footwear notwithstanding, and enjoyed it though a bit disappointed with the music, being more pop than the deeper house music one expects as the night gets later.

It is not a big club, which is maybe where it gets it’s exclusivity from, and densely packed.

When I woke up the following morning and saw the black boots in my room, it made me laugh and disappated the fuzziness in my head somewhat.

Later the following evening I managed to swap the boots for my sandals, much to the amusement of the security guards and anyone who heard the story.

Lesson one in Jakarta – if you are a guy, and going out to a fancy place, wear shoes!!

Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav. 23 Karet Semanggi Setiabudi

By Mark O’Brien, June 2013

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James September 5, 2014 at 1:24 pm

An interesting night. Very fancy place, home of the rich and famous in Jakarta