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  • Air conditioned, Family Friendly, Non Smoking
  • Restaurant
  • Denpasar, Bali | Map
  • Home deliveries, Italian, Pasta, Pizza
  • Cruisey Beats
  • Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
  • Budget, Mid Range

Denpasar Italian Restaurant Il Pomodoro

Denpasar Italian restaurant Il Pomodoro tables

Denpasar Italian restaurant Il Pomodoro

Whoever would have thought that there’d be a quality Italian restaurant like Denpasar Italian restaurant Il Pomodoro in this part of Denpasar?

I was recommended to visit Il Pomodoro Italian restaurant from a friend who thinks of himself as something of an Italian food buff and who stumbled upon Il Pomodoro one day.

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This is a large restaurant and quite a surprise to find such good quality Italian food in this area considering how few Westerners venture here.

Lots of pizza options with a large selection of vegetarian pizzas plus the usual standards, plus pork chicken and smoked beef pizzas.

There are also some starters like Carpaccio Di Bresaola (That’s how they spell it!) and Mozzarella Caprese plus a delicious looking antipasto dish.

There were quite a few locals and lots of Italian men eating there – you know the type – hardcore Italians who do not eat pretend Italian food!!

Bali Italian restaurant Il Pomodoro is like an old Italian restaurant you’d find in a European city. Not particularly fashionable or stylish, it is nevertheless charming. Where the shared visual heaviness of both traditional Italian and Balinese architecture coalesce.

It has a broad selection of gelato which is kinda mouthwatering enough to hang around!

Denpasar Italian Restaurant Il Pomodoro is quite close to where I live so home deliveries should be hotter than usual. Maybe even warm!!

Open for breakfast as well with a full English breakfast for 55k with no coffee or juice and American 39k for same.

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I had the Tagliatelle frutti di mare (pictured above). The crab in the main photo was a bit of a tease with just some nice flavours and only hints of flesh.

I’ve cut too many fingers and cracked too many teeth on crab or crayfish legs to be bothered with the fleeting taste sensation of sucking them!!

Generally the drinks are cheaper than elsewhere – a reflection no doubt on the cheaper land values here. Coffees are under 29k while soft drinks are 10. Large beers are 30k which is very cheap.

Phone is 0361413882 or 426521.
Denpasar Italian Restaurant Il Pomodoro, Jl Gatot Subroto bypass 371 Denpasar/Kerobokan.

From Raya Kerobokan go past one lot of lights where KFC is, then past Mitra 10 where the road drops down, and as it rises towards the next lights (JL Mahendradatta), Denpasar Italian restaurant Il Pomodoro is on the right. See the map.

I have been back several times since and have been unimpressed with the food, and a bit shocked at the laziness of the staff. I have often tried to order home delivery but it has never happened, with the usual response being ‘We don’t have staff’.

There have always been a group of waitresses standing around all telling someone beneath them what to do.

Service is sloppy and somewhat unwilling.

Il Pomodoro seems like a typical Bali restaurant where the owner has lost control of his staff.

I returned in March 2015, see comments at the bottom of this page.

By Mark O’Brien, March 2014

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  • Food Quality (3.8)
  • Food Quantity (3.6)
  • Ambience (3.8)
  • Environment (3.2)
  • Service (2.8)
  • Value (3.8)



Total Review: 5

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admin March 18, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Good food, home delivery hit and miss, if they have enough staff working

Don March 28, 2014 at 6:06 pm

Nice pizza cool place. Near where I live. Surprising to find pomodoro here

admin June 15, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Subsequent visits have showed up lazy sloppy and surly staff. Unimpressed with food, and unwillingness to home delivery is a joke

Sue Scarcella July 8, 2014 at 10:24 am

I love this place. Every time I go to Bali, I drop in here. My Balinese friends live just up the road, so we go together. The original chef was a Sardinian and we had a lovely chat with him in Italian when he was there. The food is great and the pizze are ENORMOUS and DELICIOUS. Don't tell the tourists. They'll spoil it. LOL

Mark O'Brien March 28, 2015 at 2:43 pm

I went back last night and had the tagliata, a steak dinner I love. Aside from the steak clearly having been tenderised (local beef, which may also have been soaked in MSG to make it more tender, a common practise in Indonesia) and therefore without much texture, it tasted really good. So was the tiramisu. Staff were sharp too, so maybe things have changed