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Denpasar IT mall RTC

Denpasar IT mall RTC shops 1

Denpasar IT mall RTC

A very handy store and one worth knowing about is Denpasar IT mall RTC (aka RIMU) on Jalan Dipernegoro in the heart of Denpasar where you can get everything you need.

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Printers and inks, cheap laptops and more expensive ones, cameras, modems, speakers, cables, phones cases, it has it all.

The mall itself is a bit grungy, being old, but it is a busy place.

One thing I do not like is the pushiness of the guys who hang around the entrance hoping to get a commission from the stores they are touting for by taking you there directly.

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Mostly when I go there I know where I am going, but often I just like to browse and wander around, see if I can find some new gadget that I cannot live without!

There is a branch of the Apple shop Global here, where I bought an iPhone once, and I found them to be quite good, although they do not have much stuff in stock.

Once I bought a modem here and was amazed at the internet speed I was able to get there, but shocked when I got home. They do have boosters here so you get a false idea of internet speeds (which vary enormously in Bali, depending on where you are.).

There are three floors of stores in this Bali IT mall, open 7 days, although not all shops are attended.

By Mark O’Brien, June 2015

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