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  • Bar, Grill, Parking, Restaurant, Upmarket Bar
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Char Char Bar and Grill Seminyak

Seminyak restaurant Char Char steps

Char Char Bar and Grill Seminyak     

Char Char Bar and Grill Seminyak in the Oberoi area of Seminyak has revolutionised Bali restaurants in that area with its combination of style, great food and good price.

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Seminyak Char Char Bar and Grill opened amidst zero fanfare and with a night of free food and drinks for patrons of sisters businesses Ultimo and Rumours, which went down very well.

As a dress rehearsal the evening went off really well, and showcased the classy and elegant new Bali restaurant, its menu and its cook.

From the street you see a flight of steps that are actually not stairs but rather a chill zone for patrons to sit and watch the passing parade before and after dinner. This is very smart and is popular – see the main photo.

On the side there is a ramp going upstairs, while the ground level entrance brings you into an aesthetic and creative restaurant non-smoking area with its own bar, and a staircase heading up.

Upstairs is surprisingly large, with a huge kitchen a salad bar that has a Mongolian grill in the centre (basically a flat hot plate 50cm in diameter, on which the whole meal is cooked), a bar, and lots of tables and stools.

It is open air here, with the same kind of electric roof that is at Seminyak Italian restaurant Ultimo that closes in minutes if rain or strong winds are about to appear.

Being the opening night, where people tend to move around much more that on a regular night, there were lots of adhoc dining spaces created which were not so comfortable to eat at, though I think this will change over the first week or so.

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The food at Char Char Bar and Grill Bali was delicious – the entrees of lobster bisque served over a prawn and the hamachi (fish) fillet were taste sensations that surprised me given their modest price tags.

The mains of oysters and beef tenderloin were cooked beautifully, while the salads for the salad bar were passable, and I guess set up just for the opening night.

Desserts were interesting, with the lychee pannacotta very good, while the crème brulee was unlike any crème brulee I have ever seen but which was still pretty good.

What surprised me here were the prices of many of the dishes. Mostly the mains were under 100k, with a few of the steak dishes higher.

The Mongolian grill menu is all around the 50-60k mark, which is a bit laughable given the space.

Clearly, while there are some big ticket items, there is also something for those on a budget, which is a great idea.

Mostly the food could be described as Asian fusion, with laksa clams, lemongrass dory, tuna tataki, banana chicken and Sechuan orange rack of lamb giving you an idea of the diversity of the offerings here. And other than the lamb, these dishes are around the 60-70k range.

Char Char Bar and Grill Seminyak is a great new Bali restaurant and a great addition to the restaurants scene in the Oberoi area of Seminyak in Bali.

It is not often I am knocked over by a restaurant, but this is something new that I have not seen before in Bali. Congratulations to the whole team.

They also have a live band playing each night, mostly unintrusive dinner music, romantic covers etc.

By Mark O’Brien, June 2015

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willie July 27, 2015 at 3:26 pm

Seen this place the other night as we drove passed in a taxi and decided that it was worth while checking out , which is exactly what we did today. Must admit it surprised us all in quality and quality of the food and the range of different meals available not to forget that they all were priced to suit "all budgets" . The service was faultless as was the decor , furniture and lighting was excellent which resulted on is feelinh very comfortable in the surroundings. Recommended to all that seek a good meal and drinks within a great environment.

Benny Gomulia December 9, 2015 at 1:25 pm

Kebersihan bagus makanan oke sayang harga makanan kok lebih mahal dari ultimo yg udh saya kunjungi ratusan kali .

Benny Gomulia December 9, 2015 at 1:29 pm

Makanan layak kebersihan oke sayang harga menu kok lebih mahal dari ultimo rest yg udh sy kunjungi ratusan kali