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Canggu restaurant the Waroeng On

Canggu restaurant the waroeng On inside

Canggu restaurant the Waroeng On

I was driving around Canggu one night recently and I stopped by Canggu restaurant the Waroeng On. It looked like a lovely little place, and being full of people I figured it was a a good place to checkout and review.

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They have a very broad menu here, including an extensive and cheap breakfast selection.

They do a big breakfast deal, with eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms and toast, plus Bali coffee, fruit plus fruit juice all for 37k! Great deal.

They have the usual favourite Indonesian dishes like gado gado, mie and nasi goring, along with simple, Western fast foods like burgers, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, that kind of thing, plus some Dutch snacks.

Canggu restaurant the Waroeng On also do a wide selection of rotis, plus a basic European, including chicken beef and vegetarian dishes, all for under 40k.

Lots of pasta options, with three different kind of noodles available along with a choice of quite appealing salads.

I was there during Gulangan so it is possible that some staff were away, because the service was really slow. Every meal seems to come with many options so this may contribute to the slowness. Quite an inefficient way to run a kitchen.

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I first ordered a chicken dish though was told it might take some time, so changed my order to fettucine marinara, thinking it would be fast, as I was really hungry.

My neighbours ordered the chicken dish at the same time so I figured they were not in a hurry.

And there is also a wide pizza selection.

So I waited. And waited. My neighbours received and ate their chicken dish, and I still waited. I pushed the waitress – ‘coming coming’, and then finally I gave them a 5 minute deadline or I leave.

The food came soon, 55 minutes after ordering. The pasta was very good for a non Italian place, fresh veggies. tasty, but I was still hungry, and not having another hour to wait I went elsewhere.

Music comes from the radio tuned to an Indonesian pop station so that is a bit odd, bit of a turn-off actually as Indo pop is not so great to eat by. But maybe part of the charm of the place, that is clearly a cheap and ‘local’ Bali restaurant in Canggu that is popular with the surfie crowd.

I honestly do not know if this is a usual experience here, or just short staffed on Gulangan (though there did seem to be quite a few in the kitchen, but maybe untrained replacements?)

Canggu restaurant the Waroeng On could be really great little Bali warung, but it depends how much time you have.

By Mark O’Brien 2013

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admin March 24, 2014 at 2:04 pm

A nice local place to eat, cheap, maybe not fast, but cozy