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  • Family Friendly, Non Smoking, Swimming pool/beach
  • Beach restaurant, Restaurant, Stunning aspect
  • Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali | Map
  • General European, Indonesian
  • -
  • Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
  • Mid Range

Canggu Echo Beach restaurant Warung Eropa 2

Canggu Echo Beach restaurant Warung Eropa 2 tables view

Canggu Echo Beach restaurant Warung Eropa 2

Canggu Echo Beach restaurant Warung Eropa closed in 2016 and was a great beachside restaurant on Echo Beach, just on the other side of the temple to the main restaurant area of Echo Beach.

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Right on the beach (well, not exactly on the sand, but just above, no sandy feet!), comfortable, good food, surprisingly quiet, and place to go when you don’t want to be around lots of people, great for a private dinner.

I had the beef medallion (It was super cute how the waitress pronounced it as “beef my darling”!) which was quite good, well cooked, plus very tasty potato wedges and a good and tasty salad.

As you can see from the photos at the bottom of this page, this is a quite stunning location for a restaurant.

Canggu Echo Beach restaurant Warung Eropa 2 signature dish is a crispy duck which also looked good if a bit on the small side.

At around 100k for a main meal it is a great deal, considering the location and the feeling there, it was reasonable.

Drinks are at the standard prices of similar places.

A fair selection of wine is also available. We had a nice bottle of Aussie red.

It seems that Canggu Echo Beach restaurant Warung Eropa 2 is a bit of a hidden secret, known only to residents of Echo Beach and Canggu.

Accessible via the gang that runs behind the restaurant strip, Warung Eropa 2 is a lovely, quiet little Bali restaurant overlooking the beach, super relaxing.

By Mark O’Brien, November 2013

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admin May 6, 2014 at 1:48 pm

What a position for a restaurant! Good food, and considering the position, uninterrupted view to the water, great value. good wine selection says clientele has style.