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  • Tanjing, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Bali | Map
  • General European
  • 70s and 80s
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Benoa International restaurant The Tree

Bali restaurant The tree resto

Benoa International restaurant The Tree 

I went to Benoa International restaurant The Tree for breakfast, and must say I felt disappointed and somewhat cheated.

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I simply do not understand that a restaurant that only caters for Westerners knows nothing about making breakfast for Westerners.

I ordered the English breakfast – fruit, toasts with jam, poached eggs and coffee and extra juice.

So the coffee and the juice came first, with the coffee putrid, obviously from a long boiling coffee maker, with a tiny amount of coffee in it so it was weak as xxxx.

Then came the toast, two slices of untoasted brown bread, a few similarly toasted and cold slices of what passes for white bread but instead is aerated cardboard.

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The butter was frozen solid, so I had to leave it in the sun before I could spread it.

Then the eggs, again on the spongey gooey white bread, with zero taste. I ate them OK, but the absence of flavour was exemplary and the cooks ought to be on MKR!

I then ordered a real coffee which was OK, and then the fruit arrived, after everything else!! Mmmmmmm.

So yes, not impressed, and what looked like a likely breakfast joint disappointed massively.

I take it personally when breakfast is crap because I am hungry and do not want to eat crap. If I wanted crap in the morning I would go to a cardboard shop.

Should be better. Benoa International restaurant The Tree is for sure one of the worst Benoa breakfast places and worst Bali breakfasts

By Mark O’Brien, September 2013

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admin March 21, 2014 at 10:12 am

Awful disgusting, don't know why they bother