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  • Family Friendly, Wifi
  • Crab Bar, Grill, Restaurant, Table tennis
  • Petitenget, Batu Belig, Bali | Map
  • Barb-e-que ribs, Crabs, Seafood, Shellfish
  • Cruisey Beats
  • Dinner, Lunch
  • Exclusive, Mid Range, Upmarket

Batu Belig crab restaurant Crab Bar

Batu Belig crab restaurant Crab bar couch

Batu Belig crab restaurant Crab Bar

Batu Belig crab restaurant Crab Bar is another of the crab bars in Bali to have opened in 2014/2015 showing the growing popularity of specialised crab restaurants in Bali.

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Crab Bar has lots of nice open spaces with the kind of seating that Indonesians like, with a long couch with some tables.

Like Petitenget shellfish restaurant Holy Crab just down the road this seems to be set up for Jakarta tourists more than Westerners.

Crab bar has a small menu pretty much confined to shellfish, but they do also serve a few salads and some barbeque beef ribs, pulled beef sandwiches and some chicken, along with side dishes.

The main things on the menu here is though is crab and shellfish. Sold by the 100 gram, US dungeness crab is 100k/, while king crab legs at 180/100gram gets to be pretty expensive if you are hungry. US oysters at 120/100 gram seems a bit over the top too but I guess if that is your thing…

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Unusually, Crab Bar also sells live yabbies, the Australian fresh water cestacean that has been favoured as a delicacy for farmers for a 100 years. At 185k plus plus a 100 grams, and being usually 300 grams, this is a bit of a high end luxury.

Having been bitten by yabbies as a child while swimming in Aussie farm dams, and then getting my revenge by catching them to eat afterwards, I have a long affinity with this shellfish.

There are also Bali clams, Alaskan crabs, plus oysters and and mud crabs. They also have what they call a Yummy bar with a selection of goodies. The price of this changes daily depending on costs.

Batu Belig crab restaurant Crab Bar also has a table tennis table which is fun, even if it is a bit cramped on the sides, but still fun.

Over all Crab Bar in Batu Belig is a quite good Bali crab bar.

By Mark O’Brien, April 2015

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Ann May 11, 2015 at 1:54 pm

Nice food here but not much of a vibe. Pretty empty, table tennis was fun but a bit tight. The yabby was good but pricey