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Batu Belig beach restaurant Warung Pantai

Batu Belig beach restaurant Warung Pantai sunset
Batu Belig beach restaurant Warung Pantai

Batu Belig beach restaurant Warung Pantai is a classic Bali beach shack warung, with a tiny kitchen churning out fairly basic food like curries, grilled fish, nais and mie goreng.

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I dropped in at Batu Belig beach restaurant Warung Pantai on a Sunday recently and loved it. Talk about relaaaxed! A beautiful sunny spot to spend a lazy afternoon.

The food at Warung Pantai is good without being special, but in a position like this its not why you come here.

Beer and drinks are cold, and right on the family friendly Batu Belig beach it’s a great place for that lazy day at a Bali beach.

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Batu Belig is not a great place to swim, as the undertow is pretty strong once you get past the long shallow section which is great for little kids and their parents to play around in.

There seems to be a sandbar 50 metres from the shore over which the waves dump, so not much of a surf spot either, at least not when I was there.

The beach is steep here, testament to the power of the waves crashing when the tide is in.

Warung Pantai is just at the front of Batu Belig beach club Mozaic and is a more simple and way cheaper option if you are looking for a chilled day.

There are beds you can rent by the afternoon if lying in the sun is your thing. I was there just prior to sunset and enjoyed the reduced sting of the sun.

There are a few hawkers here, though nothing like down in Seminyak, and not nearly as insistent or annoying.

By Mark O’Brien, June 2014

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Mark June 2, 2014 at 2:34 pm

Very pleasant venue for a relaxed day with friends. Cold beer!!

Geni June 18, 2015 at 2:59 pm

I often go down here for sunset. The aspect is stunning, even if I go crazy taking the same sunset photos every time! As of June 2015 there is a new menu, and the food seems to have improved. It was not that bad before, just now it is better.